3 must-have calculator tools for tech leaders


Whether you need to compute the expense of downtime or a brand-new IT project, these TechRepublic Premium calculators can assist you get ready for whatever comes next.

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“Expect the best. Get ready for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” Zig Ziglar, the late salesperson, author and motivational speaker extraordinaire, had a point. In both service and technology, you must constantly be prepared for whatever comes– and do what you must to benefit from it.

This is specifically true when it pertains to your IT budget. Things can change at any moment. Back in early 2019, none of us was gotten ready for the months ahead. None people understood that a global pandemic would wreak havoc on our world and threaten our businesses. And lots of IT departments were unaware that an instant requirement for more resources was on the horizon.

While many organizations quickly reduced their budget plans, IT spending plans remained the exact same. In fact, the specialists at Deloitte Insights observed flat and increasing innovation budget plans in most organizations in the wake of COVID-19.

While this reality might come as a surprise for some, for wise IT professionals, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for improved tech facilities. Services required remote work abilities that safeguarded collaboration and productivity. They needed to provide online experiences to their customers that mirrored the in-store shopping experience. Development was no longer an option but a necessity.

Now, IT spending plans keep increasing to take advantage of the hard lessons learned with the arrival of the pandemic.

Whether your IT department is increasing its budget to include more development or waiting to see what happens next, one thing is for sure: You must be prepared for anything and everything. This means keeping a close eye on potential expenses and expenses and developing a strategy that accounts for both the very best and the worst circumstances.

Listed below, you’ll find three TechRepublic Premium calculators that can help you determine whatever from system downtime expenses to computer hardware devaluation.

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Systems Downtime Expense Calculator

It’s obvious that organizations depend upon computer system systems. All important company tasks require computer connection, whether that’s talking to customers or satisfying product orders. When computer systems don’t work, organization stops, which can seriously harm your bottom line.

For numerous years, Gartner has actually said that companies stand to lose approximately $5,600 for each minute of downtime. Nevertheless, this number might be much more or much less, depending on your service.

The very best method to understand the cost of downtime for your organization is to utilize this TechRepublic Premium calculator. It’s created to assist you examine the expense of downtime based upon the reliance of your business on particular crucial systems.

This calculator likewise includes an Assumptions tab, which permits you to see which task categories will suffer the most from essential system blackouts. Utilizing this calculator, you can calculate the amount of resources you’ll require to bounce back if the worst ought to occur.

IT Job Cost/Benefit Calculator

Digital change is costly. And although spending plans are increasing, companies should still be selective in the IT projects they deal with. Among the essential elements associated with figuring out which tasks progress is cost/benefit analysis. And regrettably, this is among the most difficult professional tasks.

Effective analysis needs expertise in planning and performing IT tasks, developing precise spending plans and comprehending how expenses and benefits change throughout the lifecycle of a job. Our calculator can assist.

This calculator allows you to list and compute the actual costs associated with your tech jobs. It includes sections for collecting year-one costs in addition to second- and third-year costs. Plus, tabs are attended to listing and estimating a project’s expense savings and income opportunities.

When all tabs are filled, the calculator will instantly determine the project’s total expense and benefit total, so you can make a notified decision.

Computer Hardware Devaluation Calculator

Every department should account for devaluation when it concerns financial resources. This is particularly real for IT departments that handle laptops, servers, mobile phones and more.

Why? You should account for devaluation to identify true earnings and use depreciation worths on your income tax return. Plus, depreciation assists provide you a clear understanding of when it’s the correct time to buy brand-new devices.

How do you determine the depreciation of your properties? That depends on timing and other elements. This calculator can help you compute standard devaluation utilizing various methods, consisting of:

  • 200% Declining Balance (DDB)
  • 150% Decreasing Balance
  • Straight Line
  • MACRS General (Federal Tax)
  • Alternative Method (Federal Tax)
  • Area 179 Reduction (Federal Tax)

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