6 Best Authenticator Apps for 2024


Authenticator apps are increasing in adoption as they add another layer of security to user identity verification. A research study found 90% of organizations reported identity-related breaches last year, and authenticator apps are created to help in reducing this number.

Authenticator apps assist individuals and companies confirm user identity by using two-factor or multi-factor authentication to confirm and validate user identities before giving access to them.

In this short article, we will evaluate the best authenticator apps in 2024 and explore their functions, rates and pros and cons to help you decide the best authenticator app for your service.

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Best authentication apps contrast

The table listed below shows the crucial functions of these apps, their prices and how they compare to each other.

Software Biometric authentication Backup and recovery Authentication type Rates
Google Authenticator Yes Yes Time-based and counter-based codes.Free Microsoft Authenticator Yes
Yes Time-based codes, push notices, biometrics.Free Twilio Authy Yes 2FA/MFA, OTP, soft tokens, push
notification.Starts at$0.05/ successful verification Cisco Duo Yes 2FA/MFA, FIDO2 for anti-phishing. Begins at $3/user/month Yubico Security Secret
Yes Yes 2FA/MFA , FIDO2 UF , touch/tap-and-go authentication using NFC or USB.Contact vendor for quote. FreeOTP Yes No(however
offered on FreeOTP+ ).2 FA/MFA, push alert, hardware tokens, token-less authentication.Free Google Authenticator: Finest for safe offline authentication Image: Google Authenticator Google Authenticator is a multi-factor authentication app that

creates special, time-sensitive codes to enhance account security. The

Google Authenticator logo.app works by creating time-based one-time passcodes that users enter in addition to their passwords when logging into their accounts. These passcodes are protected as they are generated in your area(on the device )and not transferred online. In 2023, Google Authenticator was upgraded to consist of backup capabilities through cloud syncing. Nevertheless, users have reported concerns with this feature.< img src= "https://assets.techrepublic.com/uploads/2024/03/Google-authenticator-dashboard.jpg"alt="Google Authenticator control panels." width="1394" height= "948"/ > Figure A: Google Authenticator control panels. Why we picked Google Authenticator Google Authenticator made it to our list due to its offline authentication assistance through locally generated time-based passcodes. Rates Application is complimentary. Features 2FA. Cross-platform compatibility.

Time-based one-time password. Offline performance. Multiple account management. Pros The application is totally free. Has a user friendly interface. Offers in your area produced passcodes for more security. It’s reputable as it doesn’t need

an internet connection to function. Readily available for a vast array

  • of users throughout varied websites/platforms. Cons Users have actually reported issues
  • with cloud syncing function.
  • Microsoft

    • Authenticator: Best for biometric authentication
    • Image: Microsoft Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator is another popular name in the authentication area
      • . It is readily available to Microsoft, iOS and Android users and supplies MFA through time-based codes, push alerts and biometrics. For enhanced security

        Logo of Microsoft Authenticator, you have the option to

        set up a PIN or use biometric confirmation to access the codes created on your phone. The app also supports a password management function that makes it possible for users to do things like accept confirmed IDs from organizations and save payment card details and addresses. With Microsoft Authenticator, you can support account credentials to the cloud, making it easier to restore them when you switch to a brand-new device. Figure B: Microsoft Authenticator cloud backup. Why we chose Microsoft Authenticator This authenticator was picked for its versatility displayed through its numerous authentication functions such as PIN code, push notifications and biometric authentication for a seamless log-in experience. Rates The application is free. Functions Push notifications. Password autofill. Biometric authentication. Cloud backup. Several account management. Pros Supports a large range of websites and

    services. The application is free. Provides MFA for easy gain access to. Offers cloud backup and data recovery for lost gadgets or emergencies. Uses cross-device and cross-platform compatibility. Cons Does not work offline.

    Press notifications can experience delays.

    Twilio Authy: Finest for

  • cross-platform compatibility Image: Twilio Authy Twilio Authy not just generates TOTP however also provides three other kinds of authentication: OTP, soft tokens and push authentication. It supplies biometric authentication and multi-device functionality, enabling users to sync their 2FA tokens throughout brand-new devices.
  • This

    • makes sure easy access to accounts
    • , regardless of which gadget is being utilized.

    Furthermore, it allows users to deauthorize bad, stolen

    Logo of Twilio Authyor retired gadgets for

    added security. Other notable features consist of an encrypted cloud backup and recovery, improved token security with backup passwords, master passwords and PIN security. The app is readily available in both mobile and desktop versions. Figure C: Twilio Authy 2FA. Why we picked Twilio Authy This tool was picked for its adaptability throughout gadgets and platforms for authentication and security, simplifying access to online accounts no matter the device or platform used.

    Prices Authy provides flexible, pay‑as‑you‑go pricing for multi‑channel user verification. Every successful verification is charged at$0.05. For a high-volume strategy, call the vendor for a quote. Features Multi-device support.

    Encrypted cloud backup and healing

    . Boosted token protection with master passwords and PIN protection. Cross-platform compatibility. Push authentication. Pros Provides offline accessibility. Supplies three types of authentication. Provides multi-device synchronization. Has a mobile and desktop variation. Supplies encrypted cloud backup and recovery. Offers boosted token security. Cons Having tokens on multiple gadgets and keeping them in the cloud can be dangerous.


    • dependability may be restricting
    • in emergency situation setups/sync.
    • Cisco Duo: Finest for robust security functions Image: Cisco Duo by
    • Cisco is an easy-to-use cloud-based authenticator
    • with a handy onboarding function that enables brand-new
    • users to set up their
    • accounts based upon their security needs or priorities. It provides 2FA and MFA authentication and FIDO2 options

    for phishing-resistant authentication. The desktop variation(Duo Desktop )checks the health and security of endpoint devices with each authentication before supplying access to protected applications and

    resources. Utilizing the concepts of absolutely no trust, it

    Logo for Cisco Duo.provides IT groups with remote access to applications as well as adaptive gain access to. The mobile version(Duo Mobile app)features a combination of location-based identity verification with push verification. This enables users to get a reading of their area before a log-in confirmation. Figure D: DUO Desktop device health check. Why we selected Duo made it to our list due to the fact that of its robust security functions offered in both the mobile and desktop versions. Rates In addition to its free prepare for approximately 10 users (best for individuals or a little team), Duo offers a 30-day free trial and 3 paid memberships for medium to large enterprises: Duo Essentials:$3 per user each month. Duo Advantage:$6 per user each month. Duo Premier:$ 9 per user each month. Functions Duo Restore. Versatile multi-factor authentication. Remote and adaptive access. Single sign-on performance. Duo Push. Pros Provides location-based identity verification. Supplies FIDO2 options for phishing attacks. Offers gadget health status tracking. Offers secure remote gain access to

    for teams. Uses

    cloud backup and information repair. Cons Yubico Authenticator: Best for hardware-based authentication Image: Yubico Authenticator allows users to produce 2FA codes on both mobile and desktop devices. Among its standout

  • functions is its hardware-backed authentication,
  • which sets it apart from other authenticators. Unlike other authentication apps that store secrets on

    your phone or computer

  • , Yubico Authenticator shops qualifications in the YubiKey hardware
  • security secret.
  • This indicates that even if you lose your phone
  • or access to the Yubico Authenticator app
    • , your qualifications remain safe and secure and can not be extracted,
    • guaranteeing that you won’t be locked out of your accounts. It
    • also uses a seamless touch or tap-and-go
    • authentication utilizing Near Field Communication(NFC
    • )and supports FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F for user gain access to protection.
  • The app works with all major platforms, consisting of Windows, macOS,

    Logo for Yubico.Linux, iOS and

    Android, making it a flexible option for users across different gadgets and running systems. Deserving of mention is that the Yubico authenticator app is likewise suitable with other authentication apps using the smartcard certificates saved on the YubiKey.< img src="https://assets.techrepublic.com/uploads/2024/03/Yubico-Authenticator-dashboards.jpg" alt=" Yubico Authenticator dashboards."width ="1400 "height ="1009 "/ > Figure E: Yubico Authenticator control panels. Why we selected Yubico We chose Yubico for its abundant hardware authentication features such as Yubico Security Secret and touch authenticator utilizing NFC or USB. Pricing Yubico provides YubiEnterprise Membership, a regular monthly subscription-based tier for businesses with 500 users or more

    . People and little to medium-sized services can acquire individual products based upon their needs. For a quote, contact the vendor. Functions FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F support. Physical security key. Touch or tap-and-go authentication with NFC or USB. Cross-platform compatibility. 2FA and MFA. Pros Offers cross-platform protection. Uses portable qualifications across gadgets. Provides hardware-backed security. Supports FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F for improved security. Provides one-touch authentication with USB/NFC support. Cons The enterprise-ready security keys are specifically available to YubiEnterprise Customers. FreeOTP:

    Best for open-source authentication Image: FreeOTP is an open-source, enterprise-grade authentication service whose repositories are constantly upgraded to boost security. It offers various approaches of authentication, consisting of SMS, e-mail,


    • tokens, mobile push alerts and tokenless
    • authentication like QR code scanning. This authenticator integrates with several apps
    • , services and procedures, making it ideal for various environments

      . In addition, it

    • offers adaptive authentication that allows
    • organizations to customize authentication policies tailored to satisfy their security requires based on user habits and threat elements. Figure F: FreeOTP app interface. Why we picked FreeOTP was chosen for its open-source nature that allows organizations to fine-tune it for

    Logo of FreeOTPspecific use cases. Rates This is a free-for-all tool. Functions Open-source software application. TOTP. Tokenless authentication. Adaptive authentication. HMAC-based OTP. MFA. Pros Deals combination with existing applications. Provides simple access because it’s open-source. Application is complimentary. Uses offline accessibility. Supports 2FA with TOTP and HOTP authentication. Cons Its substantial functions and modification choices setup might be intricate for new users. How to choose the very best authentication apps In choosing an authentication app, organizations should think about their size, existing structure, spending plan and specific security requirements. For example, a company with less than 500 employees would underutilize the YubiEnterprise Membership due to the fact that of its physical secrets. If you require an authenticator app that provides

    different kinds of authentication and deals with multiple devices concurrently, you can opt for Authy. If your priority is an open-source authentication app for

    simple personalization, you need to think about FreeOTP.

  • If you wish to tilt toward a hardware authenticator or physical keys, then the

  • Yubico Security Secret is your best option
  • . Remember that each of the
  • examined authenticators delivers quality services, but
    • each tool’s energy will depend on your authentication requires. Method For this review, I considered some crucial functions of these options,
    • focusing on their security information, accessibility and efficiency. Having acquired ample information from the

      suppliers’websites, I also looked for user feedback for the paid options. For direct experience, I reinstalled Google Authenticator and used it to power 2FA for my Twitter and Facebook accounts and also Microsoft Authenticator for my Outlook account. While it was rather easy to navigate the Google Authenticator with its simple interface and TOTP, security was tighter with Microsoft Authenticator as I required to utilize biometrics to see the codes generated for each account log-in attempt and I also had to get in the code on the account looking for gain access to. Source

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