6 finest mind mapping software for job management in 2023


Often, the mind requires some assistance, particularly when attempting to make sense of complicated concepts, struggling through creator’s block or managing complex jobs. Mind mapping software application is the ideal solution.

Mind mapping software application uses several benefits for task management. You can use it to manage non-linear discussions, fast meeting minutes, brainstorm task scope and turn that scope into a work breakdown structure.

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Here, we have highlighted the 6 finest mind mapping software application for project management with info on each software application’s pricing, standout functions, and pros and cons. You will also find some advice on choosing the ideal software application for your requirements as well as our method for review.

Best mind mapping software for task management

Software application Gantt charts Mobile app Free version Windows and Mac Starting Price
MindMeister No Yes Yes Yes $6.99 per user monthly
Mindomo Yes Yes Yes Yes $5.50 monthly for one user
Xmind Yes Yes Yes Yes $4.99 each month, billed yearly
SimpleMind No Yes Yes Yes $29.50 one-time purchase for Windows or Mac
MindNode No Yes Yes Mac just $2.49 per user per month
MindManager Yes Yes No Yes $99 each year

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MindMeister: Finest for group collaboration

MindMeister lets you team up with associates on mind maps and share your maps with anyone online. It is created for browser-based usage and has Android and iOS apps available.

MindMeister makes the project preparation procedure easy. You can include files and images to mind maps with the fundamental version. The advanced variations allow you to export tools, handle numerous tasks, back up information for compliance functions and more.


  • Standard: Free for approximately 3 mind maps.
  • Personal: $6.99 per user each month, billed each year.
  • Pro: $11.49 per user each month, billed annually.
  • Organization: $18.99 per user each month, billed each year.

Marked down versions are readily available for teachers and nonprofit organizations.

Standout functions

  • MeisterTask: MeisterTask is a different app that can operate in combination with MindMeister. Utilizing this app, you can choose a node in a mind map, then assign the item as a task to yourself or any of your partners. You can then access and manage additional task information within MeisterTask.
  • Outline mode: You can easily toggle in between different views utilizing the overview mode. This consists of toggling between visual and linear views and you can see mind maps as bullet lists.


  • Export capabilities to different formats.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.


  • Hard to utilize on the phone.

Mindomo: Best for presenting

Mindomo supplies platform-independent mind mapping tools for those utilizing macOS, Windows or Linux operating systems. It uses all of the core features needed for developing maps for a task, consisting of different designs and themes and real-time task collaboration.

For example, users can pick from layouts such as idea maps, jobs maps, Gantt charts and even details. Mindomo also includes online and offline sync. This suggests you can create mind maps offline or online and sync them in between users for easy project cooperation.


  • Free: No charge for approximately three diagrams.
  • Premium: $5.50 each month for a single user.
  • Expert: $13.50 each month for one user and 5 visitors.
  • Group: $16.50 monthly for three team users; prices scales as more users are added.

Standout features

  • Discussion mode: The discussion mode is an interactive and easy way to turn mind maps into a discussion without needing to change to a separate application.
  • Importing from other mind mapping tools: Mindomo provides the ability to import mind maps for other mind mapping tools, so you don’t have to begin over on any tasks that you have actually currently begun with other software.


  • Real-time collaboration tools.
  • Cloud storage.


  • Free version lacks standard functions such as exporting maps.
  • Interface feels outdated.

Xmind: Best for a simple and minimalist interface

Xmind is a mind mapping tool that provides a vast array of map designs, including mind maps, logic charts, brace maps, tree charts, timelines, fishbone charts and more. These designs are fully customizable to make sure no job detail is missed on the map. Xmind is available on web browsers, iOS, Android and Linux.


  • Free: No cost for endless mind maps.
  • Pro Strategy: $4.99 monthly, billed yearly, or 5.99 monthly, billed month-to-month.

Standout features

  • Pitch mode: You can produce slideshows for your maps in one click. These slideshows feature numerous layouts to pick from as well as animated and auto-generated transitions. This is perfect for providing whatever from concepts to task plans.
  • Zen mode: Zen mode is an immersive mode of mind mapping to assist maximize concentration, so you can ensure your project information are precise.


  • Password security for files.
  • Export mind maps to a variety of formats, consisting of images.


  • Big mind maps take a great deal of time to load.

SimpleMind: Finest for cross-platform usage

SimpleMind is a simple mind mapping tool that features an user-friendly interface, fantastic for all ability levels. It is best for companies that require a mind mapping tool that’s readily available throughout a vast array of devices. The platform is currently readily available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

SimpleMind provides several templates, which range from a basic mind map, week and month planner views, flowchart, an org chart, in addition to a timeline and to-do list. These design templates allow you to begin drawing up your concepts for your project plan practically quickly.


SimpleMind uses a one-time purchase price per platform for its strategies, without any ads or regular monthly or yearly charges:

  • Free: No charge for restricted features on iPad, iPhone and Android gadgets.
  • SimpleMind Pro Single user: $29.50 on Windows or macOS, $58.27 for Windows and macOS package, $10.99 for iOS devices and $8.49 for Android devices.
  • SimpleMind Pro Family/Team pack: $52.44 on Windows or macOS and $104.88 for Windows and macOS package; Family/Team pack not available for iOS and Android.
  • SimpleMind Pro 10-user pack: $122.33 for Windows or macOS; 10-user pack not available for iOS and Android.
  • SimpleMind Pro Website License: Contact sales for information.

Standout functions

  • Free-form layout: This layout enables you to position ideas exactly where and how you wish to. The advantage of this mode is that it assists you envision how your concepts associate with the job as a whole.
  • Autofocus mode: This mode shuts out diversions, so you can focus on ideas you are dealing with. This function can be applied to selected topics and branches within your task mind map.


  • Extremely personalized.
  • Seamless sync with the cloud.


  • Developing new design templates takes a lot of time.
  • The complimentary version has really minimal functions.

MindNode: Best for Apple users

While MindNode is great for developing easy mind maps, it can far more. You can utilize overview mode to brainstorm your jobs in a more direct way. Or, you can utilize Outline mode and the mind map at the very same time for higher presence on job details and preparation.

MindNode also features a Focus mode, which permits you to concentrate on one map branch at a time. MindNode is presently offered for macOS, Android and iOS.


  • MindNode for Mac and MindNode for iOS: Free.
  • MindNode Plus: $2.49 per user monthly, or $19.99 per user paid yearly.

Standout functions

  • Visual tags: MindNode lets you add visual tags to your maps, allowing you to easily group concepts together or simply add more context. Plus, nodes can quickly be become jobs and synced with Apple Reminders for an automated to-do list.
  • Task development: Users of Mindnode can stay on top of their tasks by utilizing task development tools. This enables the nodes to be transformed into jobs.


  • Supports a large range of formats.
  • Various widgets are available.


  • No Windows variation.
  • Lacks label accessories.
  • The totally free variation does not have basic functions.

MindManager: Best for serious service users

MindManager is a powerhouse tool for standard mind mapping for job management. While you can utilize the tool’s mind map view to brainstorm, the kanban board view can manage your team’s workflow and guarantee jobs are finished on time.

MindManager likewise features more robust features, such as text accelerators, which allow you to tag topics and make use of drag-and-drop functionality and map filtering.


  • Basics: $99 per year.
  • Expert: $179 each year, or $369 one-time purchase of the present version, with single-user capabilities.
  • Business: Contact sales for prices information.

Standout features

  • MindManager Snap: This tool enables you to send out concepts, images and more straight to the Snap line, so it’s prepared to use whenever you open MindManager. This is best for mapping or brainstorming tasks on the fly.
  • Brainstorm: This tool is a three-step guided process for brainstorming job concepts into a map. It is utilized to recognize present challenges and to generate, categorize and fine-tune concepts for project planning.


  • Easy onboarding.
  • A number of types of charts are readily available.
  • Microsoft Workplace combination.


  • No totally free plan.
  • Minimal modification.
  • Fairly costly.

What is mind mapping software?

A mind map shows connections between ideas. A typical mind map features a central concept surrounded by associated ideas, with lines that connect from the primary node to each secondary concept.

Mind mapping software makes it simple to catch a core principle, then include associated concepts and details. Unlike a printed page or dry eliminate board, mind mapping software redraws layouts quickly– no need to remove or redraw anything as you add or restructure connections.

In addition, most mind mapping software application lets you quickly change in between map and outline deem well as include links, notes and extra material to private map nodes.

Mind mapping tools frequently provide job and task management functions, too:

  • Prefer a Gantt chart!.?. !? Select a different view.
  • Do due dates matter? Appoint a due date to a node.
  • All set to get to work? Export your map as a calendar.
  • Job finish? Mark it as done either in the mind map itself or in a task list made from the map.

Benefits of mind mapping software application for project management

Streamlines mind map production

A mind map allows you to easily create concepts throughout project planning. Instead of drawing nodes on paper or a whiteboard, you can just include nodes in a number of clicks using mind map software. Adjustments to your project details can be made in the very same method.

For example, you can rapidly delete nodes or add more context to a node using built-in modifying tools. And if you choose the look produced by pen and paper, tools like Xmind permit you to change to a hand-drawn appearance with simply a click.

Enables map cooperation

Conceptualizing and analytical are often required in project management. Mind mapping software application enables streamlined job collaboration. For example, most apps allow you to share your mind maps with others, who can then edit the map and include their own ideas.

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Some mind mapping software, such as MindNode, allows you to export maps to other formats like PDF for showing those that don’t have the tool. And other tools allow real-time cooperation, permitting several individuals to work on a mind map for job management at the same time.

Offers additional tools

Lots of mind mapping services go beyond the development of basic maps to provide tools such as cloud syncing, Gantt chart production, map styles and design templates, keyboard faster ways, notes and accessories, scrum-specific features, and far more. This means you make certain to discover a mind mapping tool that fits the requirements of your task.

Integrates with your other apps

Any tool you add to your job management tech stack must integrate well with your other software application and apps. Many mind map tools do simply that. For instance, MindMeister incorporates with apps such as Google Work Area and Microsoft Teams for structured job planning and partnership.

Finest business software

Goes beyond the easy tree map

Typically, mind maps look like trees and even spiders. Nevertheless, mind mapping software gives you the ability to completely customize maps based upon what works best for you and your task. For instance, MindMeister offers an outline layout for more direct thinking, and Xmind offers extra designs, including fishbone and timeline.

No matter the design, other components of your mind map can be personalized such as color, line styling, node positioning and more to assist you picture your job plan.

How to choose mind mapping software application for project management?

Selecting any brand-new software for your task management tech stack should be done with care and factor to consider. There are many mind mapping tools readily available on the marketplace today. However, not all of them are the best match for your company or for project management in basic.

You need a tool that aids with project planning, conceptualizing principles, danger management, recording meeting and conversation notes, and task tracking. Here are some concerns to answer prior to making your selection.

Does the software fit your project management needs?

Start by figuring out which mind mapping functions are must-haves and which ones are nice-to-haves. For instance, you might need a tool that incorporates with your existing tech stack however may be able to move forward without more specific niche functions such as focus mode or the ability to include video to your maps.

While we don’t like to focus on budget, this is likewise something to consider here. Some mind map tools are used free of charge or function no-cost basic account alternatives. As you look for software application, bear in mind that additional investment may be needed for more robust functions.

Is the software application easy to use?

Mind mapping must be basic for everyone in your task management group. After all, it must be a trouble-free way to catch and share concepts and services. Pick software with an intuitive interface and easy controls. Luckily, many mind mapping options are standard in nature, as they have one function: producing mind maps.

Does the software integrate with your tech stack?

You and your group ought to have the ability to brainstorm and monitor brilliant concepts from anywhere, whether that be while handling tasks in Asana or taking notes in Evernote.

The mind mapping tool you choose ought to integrate well with the other tools you presently use. This will improve the process of turning excellent concepts created from mind mapping into efforts within your organization.

Review approach

The list of best mind mapping software application for task management was compiled utilizing numerous elements as the criteria. This consists of the functions, pricing, benefits and downsides, and ease of use. Each aspect was evaluated using hands-on review, specialist opinions and user reviews.

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