Enpass fast realities Our score: 4.0 stars out of 5
Rates: Begins at $1.99
Key features

  • Offline password manager.Can shop user data
  • on cloud service of choice.Fully free desktop version.
  • Enpass is an offline password

supervisor that lets you store your data locally or on a third-party cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. This suggests you will not have to worry about your data perhaps being dripped, specifically considering that Enpass does not keep user information on their servers. While password supervisors that use their own servers might

be more convenient, Enpass ‘user-centric technique to password management helps it stick out from the competitors. 1 Dashlane Workers per Company Size Micro(0-49), Little(50-249), Medium(250-999), Big(1,000-4,999), Enterprise


0-49 Employees ), Little (50-249 Staff Members), Medium (250-999 Workers), Big (1,000-4,999 Workers)

, Enterprise (5,000+Employees) Micro, Small, Medium, Big, Enterprise Characteristics Automated Provisioning< a href="https://link.technologyadvice.com/ef1c4d7a-47a3-44f5-8a90-f42b7da221b6?country=US&targeting_set_uuid=97f18627-2649-4125-9ee2-9e954c107188&position=2&placement=body&layout=featured&source=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.techrepublic.com%2Farticle%2Fenpass-password-manager-review&auid=88230256-d738-4260-9846-936f4785b54c&"target="_ blank"> 2 ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Employees per Business Size Micro(0-49), Small(50-249), Medium( 250-999), Big(1,000-4,999), Enterprise(5,000+)Any Company Size

Any Business Size

Includes Multi-factor Authentication, Password Management, Reporting and Analytics, and more Is Enpass release? Yes, Enpass has a totally free version for desktop users. Windows, macOS and Linux users can access an Enpass lite membership for

complimentary and store passwords in a limitless variety of vaults. With the complimentary variation, you will not get breach alerts and recognition of accounts with 2FA support. In addition, the free strategy’s mobile version just enables users to keep a maximum of 25 passwords. This suggests that users who plan to sync their passwords from the totally free desktop variation to their phone will likely reach the 25-password limitation quickly. I commend Enpass for providing us a totally free variation of their desktop application, as opposed to a time-limited complimentary trial. However, the minimal password storage on the mobile variation prevents me from

recommending it as the best totally free option long term. When it concerns totally free password managers, I still wait my recommendation that Bitwarden has one of the most complete totally free versions available. It offers unlimited password storage on an unlimited variety of devices. Enpass Rates Enpass has two subscription tiers: Personal & Family and Service. Enpass Personal & Family Among its customer plans, the Person membership is the very best bang-for-value option at$1.99. Enpass’beginning membership is more

cost effective than

1Password’s Specific plan at $2.99 and Dashlane’s Premium alternative at$3.33

. With Enpass Individual, you get security alerts for website breaches and the ability to determine accounts with two-factor authentication. Price-wise, Enpass’Household Strategy falls in the middle compared to other password supervisors. At $2.99 each month, you can protect approximately six members, which would have made it one of the most budget-friendly Household strategy prices on the market. However, that price tag increases to$3.99 after the

very first year– which is unfortunate as it decreases the general worth proposal of the plan. Personal & Household Specific Family One-Time Strategy$ 1.99 each month$2.99 each month, for very first 12 months ($3.99 monthly later on)$99.99 Site breach alerts.Identifies accounts with 2FA. Passkey support.All premium features.Covers 6 users. At $3.99 for the second year, Enpass’ Family prepare for six relative is still a decent rate point compared to Roboform’s$

3.98 Household
and 1Password’s$ 4.99 Families subscription– which both just

cover 5 relative. For users who want the most out of one Family subscription, I still suggest Dashlane’s Friends$Household using
  • at$4.99 that covers up to
  • 10 members with one subscription.
  • Enpass offers a distinct
  • one-time strategy at

$ 99.99 for a personal life time license. It includes the same functionality as other Enpass subscriptions, just without the trouble of monthly payments. I only suggest selecting this more expensive alternative if you’re a long time Enpass user and you like the convenience of a lifetime license. Enpass Service Enpass ‘Business plans offer great value also. I especially like Enpass Starter, which covers 10

users for less than $1. This is pretty good thinking about how Dashlane likewise covers 10 seats with their Expert Starter strategy, however for$20 or around$2 per user. If you require more users, Enpass Requirement is an excellent alternative, as it nets you all of the Starter features at an affordable$2.99 per user, monthly. Other choices, like Keeper, have their equivalent Organization

strategy at$ 3.75 per user, monthly. If you’re part of a larger company, Enpass Business is available in at $3.99 per user, per month. You receive more functions with this plan, such as innovative corporate policy enforcement, automatic user provisioning and a more

substantial Enpass Hub for management. Organization Beginner Basic Enterprise $9.99 each month$ 2.99 per user, monthly $3.99 per user, each month As much as 10 users.Admin console.Microsoft 365 Integration.Premium support.All Starter features.No user limit.Enpass center with gain access to healing and vault sharing.Automatic user provisioning via SCIM from Azure AD, Okta.Free household

plan.Branding personalization. Enpass offers a 14-day complimentary trial for its Standard and Starter strategies. I highly suggest going for this choice first, as it lets you test drive Enpass ‘premium membership without spending for a preliminary fee. Is Enpass safe? Yes, Enpass is a safe

password manager to use in 2024. It makes use of 256-bit AES file encryption to secure user information, which is widely recognized as the gold standard file encryption algorithm in the industry.

  • What makes Enpass’security distinct is that it doesn’t rely on its own servers to store user data. Rather
    • , Enpass allows you to sync your
    • data on your preferred
    • cloud storage service provider, like iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive
    • , to name a few. This eliminates issues of hackers illegally stealing your data from Enpass information
    • centers or servers considering that all your
  • encrypted passwords are saved in your cloud storage service of option. Enpass has also shown dedication to independent security testing, with its latest audit being performed in May 2023 by Remedy 53 on its Enpass Center dashboard.

    While audits aren’t the

    end-all, be-all of security, it informs me that Enpass isn’t scared of being inspected and is genuinely devoted to providing quality services to its customers. Secret functions of Enpass While it’s not the most packed password manager, Enpass features 3 key features that can provide tangible benefits. Offline and cloud storage compatibility Unlike other password supervisors, Enpass doesn’t save user data by itself servers or cloud. Rather, it enables users to store their information either locally or on their preferred cloud storage service. This suggests you will not have to stress over data breaches possibly impacting Enpass data centers, since Enpass will not have access to it in the very first place. Figure A Enpass and Google Drive syncing. Image: Luis Millares While we can argue that this is less hassle-free than having the business itself handle storing your data, you do get

    the peace of mind of

    having more control of where it is. This is perfect for users who already have a safe regional data option in place or are more comfortable saving their encrypted data in an existing cloud storage account. Site Breach tracking Enpass’breach monitoring tool alerts you whenever any conserved websites become jeopardized. As soon as you get an alert, Enpass prompts you to right away change passwords for these accounts to prevent further harm. Figure B Breach tracking in Enpass. Image: Luis Millares At a time where information breaches have become progressively typical, I personally find any information breach tool a vital part of password management in 2024. I fortunately didn’t have actually any breached information amongst the accounts I added on Enpass(Figure B ). For those thinking about what an alert would appear like, Enpass has a sample on their website. Each alert

    offers a brief report(Figure C)that reveals you the information of the breached site, date of breach and the type of information jeopardized. Figure C Breach report sample. Image: Enpass Password health Enpass has a password health dashboard that offers a short summary on the total strength of your stored passwords. It lists passwords that are either jeopardized, similar, weak or ended. Figure D Password health summary. Image: Luis Millares Throughout my screening, Enpass flagged one of my accounts that had a reasonably weak password. I like that when I clicked the”Weak “passwords tab, it brought me to the password and supplied the URL

    to the website Breach report sample.and account itself. Figure E Flagged weak password on Enpass.

    Image: Luis Millares I visualize this to be especially helpful for individuals who have accounts with passwords that might not be considered”secure”by today’s requirements. Enpass authentication and security alternatives Enpass does not have a great deal of the traditional multi element authentication

    (MFA)alternatives. This is since it lets users decide which cloud storage service they want to save their information in rather of saving them on their own data servers. With this comes a double-edged sword: you have the versatility to choose where your data is, however you also have to make sure that your cloud service of option has MFA. Thankfully, Enpass’supported services, like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox, implement 2nd aspects like biometrics and one-time codes. However, if you’re set on using popular MFA alternatives like Microsoft Authenticator

    , Google Authenticator, YubiKey or Authy, you will need to look elsewhere. Bitwarden and NordPass are 2 password managers that have more choices in terms of MFA. You can use Keyfiles in Enpass, which is an extra file you can save on your computer that can function as a 2nd aspect to access your vault. In regards to security choices, Enpass deals a good serving. It has auto-lock alternatives that close your vault after certain actions, automated clipboard erasure that cleans copied items at set times and biometrics or pin logins for quick gain access to. I discover it unfortunate that Enpass does not have an Emergency Access feature, which lets you designate contacts who can access your vault during emergencies. I believe this is an important lifestyle function that will be sorely missed on the off possibility

    you’re in an emergency situation. If this is necessary to you, both Keeper and Bitwarden’s Emergency situation Access features are easy to set up and navigate. Enpass user interface and efficiency Enpass has a very easy and minimalist interface(UI ).

    The main dashboard is divided into various categories for your qualifications, such as logins, credit cards and passwords. Figure F Enpass desktop user interface. Image: Luis Millares You likewise have tabs for Enpass ‘audit features, which includes its information

    breach monitor and password health area. I had no difficulty browsing the Enpass UI, as whatever was basically laid out where I expected them to be. Performance-wise, Enpass’password capture and replay worked without a drawback. I didn’t experience any concerns with its autofill capabilities, as it successfully found the suitable logins for the different websites I evaluated it with. Keep in mind that you do need Enpass ‘browser extension to completely

    benefit from its autofill features. Figure G

    Enpass browser extension. Image: Luis Millares I would like to discuss that less tech-savvy users may discover Enpass’cloud service-based system a bit overwhelming. Establishing and syncing your Enpass information with a separate cloud service is an

    additional action compared to other password supervisors that currently have their own data servers. So if you want a set-and-forget kind of password manager, options like 1Password and NordPass might be better matched for you and your organization. Enpass mobile app Enpass has

    a mobile app for both Android and iOS. I installed Enpass on my Google Pixel 6 and found it to be a primarily one-to-one experience with the desktop application. It has a simple but intuitive interface with the very same features you discover in the complete app. Figure H< img src ="https://assets.techrepublic.com/uploads/2024/02/tr_20240205-enpass-password-manager-review-figure_h-370x822.jpg"alt="Enpass on Android."width="370"height="822"/ > Enpass on Android. Image: Luis Millares Throughout my screening, I really took pleasure in how perfectly Enpass integrated my phone’s fingerprint sensor as a method to access my vault rather of through my master password. I likewise really liked how the app blacks out screenshots by default– an underrated security function that can save your passwords from being stolen via your phone. Bear in mind that if you use the complimentary variation, you will only get a maximum of 25 storable passwords on the Enpass mobile app. Enpass Pros Budget-friendly prices

    across the board. Offline password manager. AES-256 file encryption. Individually examined. Lets you choose where to save your information. Cloud storage service combination. Strong mobile app. Enpass Cons Does not have popular multi element authentication choices. Cloud service setup needs additional steps. Free mobile version only allows 25 passwords. More cloud security coverage Enpass alternatives If you discover after evaluation that Enpass isn’t best for you or your organization, I’ve noted 3 options that might be better alternatives rather. Image: Bitwarden If you’re looking for another strong and totally free password manager, I suggest Bitwarden. Bitwarden not only uses limitless password storage totally free, however it also lets you access their service on unrestricted devices without a membership. If you choose to spend for their premium strategy, you also get popular two-step MFA alternatives like YubiKey, FIDO2 WebAuthn and Duo. In our full review, Bitwarden gotten 4.3 stars out of 5.

    Image: 1Password

    • 1Password 1Password is an all-around password
    • supervisor that uses first-class security and a user friendly user interface
    • . While it does not have a complimentary version, it features beneficial premium features such as a built-in travel mode, information
    • breach scanning and

    Fastmail integration. Its app style across several platforms is also one of the best in the market. In our complete evaluation, 1Password received 4.3 stars out of 5

  • . Image: NordPass If security is your top priority, check out NordPass. NordPass makes use of XChaCha20, a newer file encryption algorithm that’s more modern-day than the industry standard AES-256. NordPass likewise runs on a zero-knowledge structure, which implies that just the end-user has access to their information. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that NordPass

    was created by Nord Security– among the leading security companies in the industry today. In our complete evaluation, NordPass gotten 4.6 stars out of 5. Is Enpass worth it? With its special, user-centered technique to password management, Enpass is a great choice for those wanting to use a high quality offline password supervisor. Enpass is finest for users who don’t trust third-party providers to manage their information

    and desire to take password storage into their own hands. It’s likewise perfect

    1Password icon.for businesses that

    already have their own regional information service in place. Given the additional actions required to establish and sync user information with a third-party cloud service, Enpass most likely isn’t the best choice for ease of use. Despite this, Enpass’ inexpensive strategies and strong AES-256 encryption make it a good alternative to think about against other password supervisors. Evaluation Method My review of Enpass included a detailed analysis of its security features and real-world efficiency. I used Enpass on my personal Windows laptop computer and my Google Pixel 6 by means of their 14-day totally free trial for its Company Standard plan. I rated Enpass on everything from its password management includes to its ease of usage based upon an internal algorithm to get a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. The scoring was based both on Enpass on its own and in relation to other password supervisors. Source

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