Advanced profiling proposed for Java Flight Recorder


Java’s profiling capabilities would be improved within the Java Flight Recorder (JFR), a tool for collecting diagnostic and profiling information in running Java applications, under a proposal floating in the OpenJDK community.Called Skogsluft,

the project would introduce innovative profiling functions to bridge the space between Java and native code execution and deal more precise and versatile profiling choices. Skogsluft would concentrate on three crucial improvements, the proposition states: An improved stackwalker, capable

  • of walking blended Java and native stacks. This would supply developers with a more coherent view of stack traces, especially in applications where Java and native code are interwoven. A versatile CPU sampler scheduler. For Linux, this would be on perf_event_open or timer_create. For macOS, itimer would be used. For other operating systems, the system would fall back to basic execution samples. This enhancement is intended to offer more accurate, adaptable CPU sampling. Labeling assistance for JFR, with developers able to set per-thread-key-value labels that are integrated into any JFR event. This labeling would provide richer context in profiling information, making it possible for more targeted debugging
  • and analysis. The JFR API would be encompassed support easy and flexible labeling of threads to ensure that the labels are consistently recorded in profiling data. The task would start with a clone of the prepared JDK 23 mainline release, which is due in September, and track mainline launches moving forward. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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