Akamai targets cloud computing’s happy medium with Linked Cloud


CDN (content shipment network) giant Akamai Technologies today revealed that it will discount cloud egress rates, include ISO, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance, and build out enterprise-scale cloud calculating websites and distributed points of presence in over 50 cities as part of a new initiative– called Connected Cloud– targeted at filling a niche in between the hyperscalers and edge computing.

The concept is to satisfy what the company sees as unmet need. In Akamai’s view, contemporary applications are ncreasingly being gotten into a variety of various microservices. In many cases, those microservices require to be dispersed across a geographically large location, producing different computing requirements than those resolved by many cloud vendors.On one side,

according to Akamai, are the hyperscalers, which provide deep, effective computing services in a couple of different areas. On the other, there are CDN suppliers, whose services are more light-weight and created for usage in larger edge computing environments.Akamai to develop out more cloud computing websites Akamai prepares to include more enterprise-scale cloud computing sites– the business presently has 11, however prepares to more than double that in 2023– along with address the needs of what it calls this “in-between “market by including more than 50 distributed websites. The plan there is to provide standard virtual device and container infrastructure

in a lighter-weight plan, designed to allow distributed microservices that might require more horse power than is normally possible from an edge viewpoint, but need wider distribution than is typically possible from a large scale cloud information center.While the new data center building and construction is still in the works, Akamai said that numerous new functions implied to catch more of the cloud computing market are offered today. One is a new egress pricing structure created to minimize the expense to business that need to move their information into and out of the cloud with some regularity– which is widely cited as a pain point for such businesses. The other is a standards compliance policy, developed to make sure ISO, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance to users that require it, offering more chance to benefit from cloud computing for business in extremely controlled markets. Akamai added that it prepares to execute PCI compliance by the end of the year, which it prepares to make continual financial investment in brand-new standards, in order to reach a wider range of potential consumers. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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