Alibaba’s OceanBase dispersed database aims at markets outside China


Alibaba and its financial services arm, Ant Financial, have actually released a new version of the OceanBase distributed relational database for markets outside China.Dubbed OceanBase 4.0 and launched recently, it can run on single low-specification devices– nodes, worldwide of distrbuted databases– such as Raspberry Pi, and is MySQL suitable, according to the company. These features make the brand-new variation suitable for small and medium-size businesses, the company said.The new version also boasts functions such as absolutely no information loss rate and a disaster healing time of less than eight seconds compared to the previous release’s recovery time of 30 seconds, according

to the company.OceanBase, which supports hybrid transactional analytical processing( HTAP ), started off as a task in Alibaba in 2010 to replace Oracle and support the enormous transactional workloads of Alipay, Alibaba’s monetary services arm.HTAP is

a hybrid architecture technique where a database collects information that is later copied to another system for analytics.OceanBase, which was made available commercially in 2017 and later made accessible through Alibaba’s public cloud, is anticipated to support AWS from September,

the company said, adding that assistance for other public cloud suppliers are expected to follow quickly. Alibaba’s choice to take OceanBase global comes at a time when a number of other China-based databases, such as Apache Doris and StarRocks, are starting to target the North American and European markets. Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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