Amazon Corretto, Java 17 adoption skyrocket, New Relic reports


Adoption of Java 17, the most recent Long Term Support (LTS) variation of Java, has increased, growing 430% in the previous year, according to New Relic’s latest report on Java usage. The report also found that Amazon Corretto is now the most-used Java Development Kit (JDK), with a 31% share of Java instances.More than 9%of Java production applications utilize Java 17 today, versus fewer than 1% in 2022, the 2023 State of the Java Ecosystem Report report says. Java 17, aka JDK 17, was released in September 2021. As an LTS release, Java 17 gets numerous years of Premier-level and extended support from Oracle.New Relic found that more than 56%of the production Java applications it kept an eye on usage Java 11, an LTS release published in September

2018. Java 8, an LTS release from 2014, was the second most-used version in production, with almost 33%of monitored applications, below 46 %in 2022. Less than 1% of production applications are still utilizing Java 7, which arrived in July 2011. New Relic compiled its report based on information collected in January 2023 from countless applications that offer efficiency data to the business’s observability platform. New Relic kept in mind that the data was anonymized to offer a basic summary of Java usage, and does not provide an international photo of Java usage.Other findings of the 2023 New Antique report: Amazon is now the most popular JDK vendor, at 31 %. In 2020, Oracle was the most popular JDK vendor by far, with approximately 75 %of the marketplace. But Oracle slipped to 34 % in 2022 and to 28%in 2023. New Antique cites as a factor Oracle’s more limiting licensing of Java 11; the business has actually given that gone back to

  • a more open position with Java 17. The most popular non-LTS variation of Java is Java 14, launched in January 2020. However uptake for non-LTS versions, which are supported for only six months, was low, with just 1.6%of applications using them. Non-LTS versions get here every six months, disrupted only by LTS versions now arriving every two years. Java 17 is the existing LTS release. The next LTS release, Java 21, is due in September. 70 %of Java applications reporting to New Relic do so from a container. The G1 garbage man continues to be the clear favorite among users of Java 11 or later on, with 65% of New Antique customers utilizing G1. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source
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