Android 14 now in public beta for Google phones


The new operating system is anticipated to be in beta for numerous months; some Pixel users can try out Android 14 now.

A smart phone with several apps displayed. The phone's background looks like a night sky and a multicolored, lit street; this imagery is also visible in the image background.< img src =”×513.jpg”alt =” A mobile phone with a number of apps showed. The phone’s background appears like a night sky and a multicolored, lit street; this imagery is likewise noticeable in the image background.”width=”770″height =”513″/ > Image: Pixabay The very first of several planned public betas for Android 14, the upcoming os for Google phones,

has begun for developers and early adopters with choose Pixel phones. Jump to: Is Android 14 offered now? Android 14 is offered in beta until late summertime 2023, according to the program timeline (Figure A).

Figure A

A visual timeline illustrates Android's expected development and release cycle for Android 14. This timeline reveals the anticipated advancement cycle for Android 14. Image: Google LLC More details about Android 14 and the next phases of beta screening may be revealed at Google I/O 2023, to be hung on May 10. In the meantime, we understand it consists of new ways for developers to personalize how users connect with their apps.

Who can access the Android 14 beta?

Designers and other early adopters can register for the beta here and utilize this kind to send feedback to Android. Operating systems this early in beta are primarily rolled out in order to let developers evaluate whether their apps still deal with it; however, enthusiasts may want to get an early look at the brand-new variation, too– there are likely still some bugs that require to be exercised.

“We’ve been making steady progress fine-tuning the functions and stability of Android 14, and it’s time to open the experience approximately both designers and early-adopters,” stated Burke in an Android Developers Article.

Which phones deal with Android 14 beta?

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Android 14 Beta 1 works with the following phones:

  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5 and 5a
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

What’s new in Android 14?

In the announcement of Android 14 beta 1, Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android at Google, explained that the OS is designed with tablets and collapsible type consider mind for more flexibility across device types.

The beta displays numerous other new functions presenting with Android 14. None of them alter the OS on a basic level, however they do provide some quality-of-life tweaks.

Back arrow

The majority of the changes to Android’s System UI are cosmetic. Android has actually added a more popular back arrow, which assists users understand more plainly how to go back an action when utilizing an app. In addition, the arrow’s color is developed to match the gadget’s wallpaper or theme.

Custom actions

Designers can add custom actions to their system sharesheets (Figure B). App makers will have access to “brand-new graphics features,” particularly the Course API for vector graphics.

Figure B

An example of how Android Sharesheet can be customized with the Android 14 beta release. This image shows the modified Android Sharesheet, which can be tailored to each app. Image: Google LLC Per-app language

settings Android 14 deals per-app language settings, which enable designers to customize the set of languages shown in the Android Settings per-app language list. Input technique editors can then spot the user interface language of the existing app and use that language to match.

Another interesting language tweak comes from the Grammatical Inflection API, which adds support for users who speak languages that have grammatical genders.

A new privacy setting

Android 14 beta 1 likewise presents a brand-new privacy setting that Google had announced formerly. Developers can use the accessibilityDataSensitive credit to isolate particular user information, such as personal info, from all apps other than accessibility services. This could, for instance, provide an extra layer of security for medical information or avoid payment details from unintentional use in an unauthorized app.

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Other security changes

Users on Android 14 will now be able to dismiss notifications, even if an app marks an alert as non-dismissible. Plus, users will be able to give partial access to apps that ask to link to their image and video libraries; this implies the app developer can define that their app will access just images and videos the user chooses.

A complete list of changes can be seen on Android’s designer website; enterprise APIs and other features are also highlighted there.


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