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I’m excited to pack my bags to go to Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam next week! After a three-year hiatus, two words come to mind that represent my excitement: impactful connections!

High Tech Earth

First, there are human connections– meeting with our clients, partners, and fellow Cisco colleagues from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Europe is where I grew up and where I began my journey with Cisco back in 2000. Reconnecting with all these individuals fills me with energy!

Second, I think about how connections– and the network that develops them– have actually never ever been more important to our lives and to the digital experiences we love, both in your home and in our office. It’s these experiences that bind us together and power the world. So, naturally, we desire those experiences to be great, no matter where we are, what device we’re using, or whether it’s for service or personal use. In a word, we love experiences that are “combined”.

New Requirements Drive Network Intricacy Up

While the significance of connections increases to fulfill the brand-new demands and expectations of a streamlined experience by all users, so does the network intricacy needed to bring those connections to life. People, things, and applications all count on these connections to build a merged user experience. So, let’s look at 3 essential dynamics at play when developing different digital connections.

icon image On the application side, utilizing SaaS and developing across several clouds, information centers, and 3rd celebration web services is now the standard, not the exception. Still, this network complexity keeps pushing the requirement to have a very flexible and safe software-defined network that is quick to adapt to the requirements of the cloud development team and is capable of connecting websites and users to several applications over different places.

On the people/devices/things side, we are seeing huge changes, where effective drivers are now feeding into each other and rapidly reshaping the access architecture of the network.

It started with the need for individuals and things to have prevalent and safe and secure access and has actually progressively pushed toward wireless-first styles. This advancement has actually been even further accelerated by the need to reimagine the office and make it a much more collective environment to support hybrid work.

With such a rapid network growth and the pervasive mobility needed by users and gadgets, security becomes an inextricably related obstacle. “If it’s connected, it’s protected” is not just a motto but rather the fundamental truth that everything that gets connected should likewise be secured as part of the setup and operations of the network that stands up those extremely vibrant connections. That is why we see the progressive convergence of networking and security, not simply from an innovation perspective (SASE, zero-trust, network policy, and division) however likewise from an IT organizational viewpoint, taking place at different speeds and maturity across various markets.

Progressing To A Platform Design

As the characteristics described above are accelerating, the option can just be found in the adoption of an operating model that dramatically streamlines what is otherwise intrinsically intricate. The networking platform achieves two essential functions: (1) makes it possible for significantly simpler network operations and (2) provides data intelligence that improves both IT and company procedures.

In the last 9 months, Cisco has shown the execution of our method by revealing:

  • Cloud-driven automation for our Catalyst and Nexus changing portfolio
  • Predictive networks abilities with ThousandEyes WAN Insights
  • Completely unified SASE option with Cisco+ Secure Link
  • New smart work spaces experiences with Cisco Spaces

The breadth of our portfolio and our community end up being a worth multiplier for our clients.

A fantastic example of worth multiplication is our IoT portfolio, which uniquely simplifies the merging of IT and OT. This is vital to achieving sustainability objectives that have become one of the top concerns in Europe. Only with Cisco, can you connect and protect your IoT gadgets in wise buildings, in commercial environments, and even on the relocation. The data intelligence is made available via APIs to enable the building of new applications that make physical centers, trains, roadways, and energy grids smarter and help handle energy consumption. As an example, please visit the Cisco Meraki Market and check out the incredible partner apps that use advanced AI/ML capabilities for item recognition and movement analytics for the Cisco Meraki cameras. And some of these IoT case research studies will be included at Cisco Live in Amsterdam, February 6th through February 9th.

Look out for More Platform Developments at Cisco Live

Cisco is uniquely positioned to help you streamline networking. My bags are loaded, and I can not wait to see you at Cisco Live either face to face or by means of the online broadcast to find the excellent new innovations that help you build new merged experiences.

Cisco Live Amsterdam Agenda

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