Aurora gets in TOP500 supercomputer ranking at No. 2 with an obstacle for ruling champ Frontier


Frontier maintained its leading area in the most recent edition of the TOP500 for the fourth successive time and is still the only exascale machine on the list of the world’s most effective supercomputers. Newbie Aurora debuted at No. 2 in the ranking, and it’s anticipated to surpass Frontier once the system is fully built.Frontier, housed at the Oak Ridge National Lab(ORNL)in Tenn., landed the leading spot with an HPL rating of 1.194 quintillion drifting point operations per second( FLOPS ), which is the very same score from earlier this year. A quintillion is 1018 or one exaFLOPS(EFLOPS). The speed measurement utilized in examining the computers is the High Efficiency Linpack( HPL) criteria, which determines how well systems resolve a thick system of direct equations.Utilizing AMD EPYC 64C 2GHz processors, the Frontier system is based upon the most recent HPE Cray EX235a architecture and has an overall of 8,699,904 combined CPU and GPU cores. Frontier likewise boasts a power efficiency score of 52.59 GFlops/watt and counts on HPE’s Slingshot 11 network for information

transfer.Debuting in 2nd location and bumping Fugaku from that spot is the new Aurora system. Housed at the Argonne Leadership Computing Center in Ill., Aurora holds an HPL score of 585.34 petaFLOPS, considering a petaFLOP is 1015FLOPS. Aurora is developed by Intel and is based on the HPE Cray EX-Intel Exascale Compute Blade, which uses Intel Xeon CPU Max Series processors and Intel Data Center GPU Max Series accelerators. These interact through HPE’s Slingshot-11 network interconnect.The TOP500 notes that Aurora’s numbers were sent with a measurement of half of the prepared last systems, indicating that it might exceed and displace Frontier from the lead position with a peak performance of 2 EFLOPS when finished.Another disruptor to the list is a new system called Eagle, which landed in the third spot. Attaining the greatest rank ever for a cloud system, Eagle is installed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in the U.S. Eagles has an HPL rating of 561.2 PFLOPS and is based on Intel Xeon Platinum 8480C processors and NVIDIO H100 accelerators. Supercomputer Fugaku remains on the leading 10 list however has actually fallen to the fourth area for this edition.

Fugaku had actually placed second previously this year and held the top position from June 2020 till November 2021. With an HPL rating of 442.01 PFLOPS and located in Kobe, Japan, Fugaku continues to hold the title as the highest ranked systems beyond the U.S.The LUMI system, formerly in the top three, now holds the number five spot with an HPL

score of 379.70 PFLOPS. This system is the largest in Europe and has actually seen numerous upgrades, keeping it near the top of the list. For this edition, LUMI improved from an HPL rating of 309.10 PFLOPS considering that the last list. This edition of the TOP500 likewise highlights a few trends. For instance, based on this leading 10 list, Intel, AMD, and IBM processors seem to be the preferred choice for HPC systems.”Out of the TOP10, 5 systems utilize Intel Xeon processors(Aurora, Eagle, Leonardo, MareNostrum 5 ACC, and EOS NVIDIA DGX SuperPod ), 2 systems utilize AMD processors (Frontier and LUMI ), and two systems use IBM processors (Top and Sierra), “a press statement reads.The list also shows that China and the U.S.

made the most entries on the whole list. The U.S. … Source

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