AWS includes more zero-ETL combinations to Amazon RedShift


Continuing to construct on its efforts toward zero-ETL for data warehousing services, AWS at its ongoing re: Invent 2023 conference, announced brand-new Amazon RedShift combinations with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS for MySQL.Enterprises, typically

, utilize extract, transform, load (ETL) to integrate information from numerous sources into a single consistent data shop to be loaded into adata storage facilityfor analysis.However, most information

engineers claim that changing information from diverse sources might be a challenging and time-consuming job as the process includes actions such as cleaning, filtering, improving, and summing up the raw data.Another issue is the added cost

of maintaining teams that prepare information pipelines for running analytics, AWS said.In contrast, the brand-new zero-ETL combinations, according

to the business, get rid of the requirement to perform ETL between Aurora PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, RDS for MySQL, and RedShift as transactional information in these databases can be replicated into RedShift practically instantly and is ready for running analysis.Currently, all 3 integrations are in preview. Last year, AWS revealed 2 brand-new capabilities

— Amazon Aurora zero-ETL combination with Amazon Redshift and

Amazon Redshift combination for Apache Spark. In addition, the cloud services provider made the Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL combination with Amazon OpenSearch Service typically available. This combination will permit information experts throughout business to perform a search on their DynamoDB data

by automatically replicating and transforming it without custom-made code or facilities, AWS said.Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL combination with Amazon OpenSearch Service

can be availed throughout any AWS Area where OpenSearch Intake is offered currently, AWS added. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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