BeyondTrust vs. CyberArk (2024 ): IAM Solutions Contrast


CyberArk and BeyondTrust are a few of the very best Identity and Gain access to Management(IAM)and Privileged Access Management (PAM) services suppliers for companies. CyberArk works by combining making use of Adaptive MFA, SSO, Lifecycle Management, Directory Providers and User Habits Analytics to protect the identities and crucial assets of labor force users, fortunate users and third-party suppliers as they access sensitive information. BeyondTrust is well rooted in zero trust concepts and works by offering an identity-first security technique that permits users to discover threats across their identity estate and respond by controlling privileges, credentials, access and tricks.

Both CyberArk and BeyondTrust are effective, extremely ranked IAM and PAM systems trusted by lots of users, but which one should you choose?

This short article compares the functions, capabilities and prices of the two solutions to assist you make a notified choice on which one suits your needs.

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( 5,000 + Workers) Medium, Big, Business CyberArk vs. BeyondTrust: Contrast

CyberArk and BeyondTrust are similar in lots of ways. The table below summarizes the important features offered on the two platforms.

Functions CyberArk BeyondTrust
Security focus Accounts Properties
Password vault Yes Yes
Multi-factor authentication Yes Yes
Password management Yes Yes
Account management Yes Yes
Privileged access management Yes Yes
Threat detection Yes Yes
Free trial Yes Yes
Organization Account Host
Visit CyberArk See BeyondTrust

CyberArk and BeyondTrust prices

Pricing for CyberArk and BeyondTrust is based upon the particular option you pick.

Quotes are only available by calling their sales team.

Function contrast: CyberArk vs. BeyondTrust

CyberArk and BeyondTrust use many features geared toward secure identity management.

Password management

CyberArk provides workforce password management solutions that safely save, manage and share business application credentials among employees. With this function, users can instantly catch and store credentials in the CyberArk safe vault. This function likewise empowers users to share credentials and notes while managing the ownership rules permissions to their resources.

BeyondTrust has a similar solution in Password Safe– a feature that ensures you have total control and accountability over privileged accounts in your company. The function has a custom-defined approval strategy for users’ access demands and authentications.

BeyondTrust Password Safe.

Figure A: BeyondTrust Password Safe. Privileged access management CyberArk’s account-focused method depends on fortunate access management, account user behavior and account advantages. Through CyberArk’s Privileged Session Supervisor, businesses can protect, manage and monitor fortunate access to network devices.

In contrast, BeyondTrust is asset-focused, and the approach counts on environmental scanning to protect the company’s digital assets. The platform supports remote access and uses agentless asset discovery to assist organizations audit their systems and comprehend where vulnerabilities may exist. It also has an Endpoint Privilege Management option that raises opportunity access to known, relied on applications that require them, manages application usage and logs and reports on fortunate activities.

CyberArk Safe Wizard.

Figure B: CyberArk Safe Wizard. Simpleness and ease-of-use For beginners, CyberArk has a substantial learning curve. Many little- to mid-sized companies may find themselves hiring an expert to deploy the option rather than deploying it internally. While documentation is readily available, it can be incomplete and inconsistent. A managed companies might be required for a company to transition to CyberArk.

Comparatively, BeyondTrust’s services are relatively simple to use and deploy. BeyondTrust has a variety of functions such as Smart Rules, Smart Groups and Direct Connect, all planned to make the general user experience of BeyondTrust easier, consequently improving overall performance.

BeyondTrust Smart Groups. Figure C: BeyondTrust Smart Groups. Audience Although CyberArk can in theory manage as much as 100,000 endpoints, the optimum implementation in the real world is 57,000. Nevertheless, CyberArk is most likely to be utilized by enterprise-level companies, whereas BeyondTrust is more popular with small businesses and mid-market enterprises.

CyberArk’s functions, performance and complexity lend themselves better to an enterprise-level organization. On the other hand, BeyondTrust’s simpleness, ease of use and painless release make it a much better alternative for smaller sized companies and mid-sized organizations.


The features and operates offered through CyberArk’s web interface are not constantly the very same functions that are offered in other places– potentially resulting in confusion, especially in terms of API configuration.

CyberArk User Interface. Figure D: CyberArk Interface. BeyondTrust supplies a clean, appealing user interface, although some users find it lacking in advanced functions, such as group approval. While the BeyondTrust interface might not have as robust a feature set as CyberArk, it’s easier to utilize.

CyberArk advantages and disadvantages

While there are lots of advantages to using CyberArk for identity and access management, there are still some downsides to think about.

Pros of CyberArk

  • Incorporates effectively with cloud-based and on-premise data centers.
  • CyberArk vault is good for compliance needs.
  • Enables opportunity controls across the IT estate.
  • Offers identity hazard detection.
  • CyberArk has a demo and free trial option.

Cons of CyberArk

  • Can be complex to set up.
  • The rates model is complex. It needs a customized plan from the sales group.

BeyondTrust benefits and drawbacks

More cloud security coverage

There are some benefits to using BeyondTrust. Nevertheless, the platform does have its downsides too.

Pros of BeyondTrust

  • It is easy to maintain and release.
  • Has an identity-first security technique.
  • Enables users to secure remote access to any facilities.
  • Can find and respond to security dangers.
  • Incorporates well with innovation vendors like AWS, SailPoint, Ping Identity, etc.

Cons of BeyondTrust

  • Rates is not well defined.
  • BeyondTrust Remote Assistance expenses can be costly for small companies.


We assessed both CyberArk and BeyondTrust in terms of their IAM abilities. During screening using the free trial available on both platforms, we remembered of how essential abilities like risk detection, secret management and privileged gain access to management work. We discovered that CyberArk’s functions, functionality and intricacy lend themselves better to an enterprise-level organization. Meanwhile, BeyondTrust’s simpleness, ease of use and pain-free implementation make it a better option for smaller sized business and mid-sized organizations.

We supported our research study by checking out user evaluations and testimonials from Gartner to evaluate the performance of each option in regards to interface and total user experience.

Should your organization usage CyberArk or BeyondTrust?

CyberArk and BeyondTrust are fairly uniformly matched IAM solutions that have a lot opting for them. Today, BeyondTrust is one of the leading competitors in the field, however CyberArk is close behind.

Select CyberArk if:

  • You require an extensive IAM solution that can support on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments.
  • You require an IAM solution with built-in privileged gain access to management capabilities.
  • You have an interest in an IAM service that puts account management and account security first.
  • You aren’t afraid of an IAM service with intricacy.

Pick BeyondTrust if:

  • You need an IAM solution focusing on safe remote access and compliance with regulative standards.
  • You require an IAM option with robust vulnerability evaluation and spot management functions.
  • You’re interested in an IAM option that puts asset management and asset security first.
  • You require an option quickly and easy to deploy.

Eventually, CyberArk and BeyondTrust are effective IAM services that can help companies handle their vital assets and safeguard versus data breaches. When choosing in between them, consider your company’s needs, requirements and resources first.

This post has been upgraded from a previous variation released on May 2, 2022; it was initially composed by Jenna Inouye.


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