Bun 1.1 JavaScript toolkit backs Windows 10


Bun 1.1, the newest variation of the Bun toolkit and drop-in Node.js replacement for building, screening, and running JavaScript and TypeScript, now supports Windows 10. The latest variation is also more suitable with Node.js.

Revealed April 1 and referred to as a “big upgrade,” Bun 1.1 is stated to be much faster and more reliable than earlier releases, with numerous bug fixes. Bun now supports Windows 10 and greater, making the runtime accessible to Windows designers. Everything from the Bun runtime to the test runner, package handler, and bundler will work on Windows.Intended as a drop-in replacement for Node.js, Bun now supports node: http2 client APIs for making outbound HTTP2 demands. However, work is ongoing for the HTTP2 server. Developers now can send out IPC messages in between Bun and Node utilizing the ipc option.Bun’s designers have also carried out a content-addressable cache for files larger than 50KB, which prevents the efficiency overhead of transpiling the very same files consistently. Command-line tools such as tsc run as much as two times as quick in Bun 1.1. Bun likewise now works as a cross-platform shell akin to Bash, however likewise on Windows. A new Semver API, on the other hand, is featured for parsing and sorting semver strings.Additionally, WebSocket is steady in Bun 1.1, and passes the Autobahn conformance test suite. The Websocket customer is

more trusted for production use. Bun now likewise supports the user-timings APIs, consisting of APIs such performance.mark( )and performance.measure(). This is useful for determining application performance.Bun also now supports module mocking, with the capability to mock ESM and CommonJS modules. The l. 1 version includes integrated assistance for the SQLite C-language engine that implements a SQL database engine. A SQLite database can be imported utilizing the import syntax. Installation guidelines for Bun can be discovered on the job site. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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