C# expected to be Tiobe language of the year


< img src="https://images.techhive.com/images/article/2017/03/trophy-awards-100713238-large.jpg?auto=webp&quality=85,70"alt=""> While C# fell short of Tiobe’s Programs Language of the Year honors for 2022, Tiobe anticipates the Microsoft-built object-oriented, type-safe language to snag the honor for 2023. Tiobe will announce the winning programs language in January.Tiobe offers Programs Language of the Year honors to the language with the most growth year over year in its popularity index. At the end of 2022, it appeared C# would take the title. However, C++ overtook C# in the final month, growing by 4.62 percentage points.” This year we are a bit surer that C# is going to win. It got +2.38 %in one year, whereas its closest competitors Fortran and

F# just got +0.64 % and +0.48 %respectively,”Tiobe stated in its December publication. In reality, the majority of the leading 20 languages lost popularity in 2023, whereas the gainers typically originate from lower in the chart. Tiobe describes this as the long tale, where little languages reside.Why the uptick for C#? Tiobe CEO Paul Jansen thinks the language is bring in Java designers.”I think that Java developers are transferring to C# and Kotlin due to the fact that these languages are more meaningful and have no license concerns.”Software application quality services business Tiobe bases its regular monthly appeal index on a formula that evaluates the number of competent engineers worldwide, courses, and third-party vendors for each language, utilizing search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.The Tiobe leading 10 for December 2023: Python, with a score of 13.86%C, 11.44%C++, 10.01

%Java, 7.99%C#, 7.3 %JavaScript, 2.9% PHP, 2.01%Visual Standard, 2.82%SQL, 1.61 %Assembly, 1.11%The rival Pypl Index of Language Popularity gauges language popularity based on how typically language tutorials are searched on in Google.The Pypl leading 10 for December 2023:

Python, with a share of 28.09%Java, 15.81%JavaScript, 8.93 %C/C++, 6.8%C#, 6.84%PHP, 4.6%R, 4.53%TypeScript, 2.81%Swift, 2.8%Objective-C, 2.33%Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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