Copilot Cheat Sheet (Formerly Bing Chat): The Complete Guide


Microsoft has actually made a purposeful and undeniable commitment to the integration of generative artificial intelligence into its line of services and items. One of the most prominent examples of this integration is Copilot in Bing, which broadens on the open-sourced structure of ChatGPT and adds big language model abilities to Microsoft Edge and Bing searches in the form of a ready to utilize chatbot.

What is Copilot in Bing?

Copilot is an extra function of the Bing search engine that allows you to search for info on the web; it was previously called Bing Chat. Searches in Copilot in Bing are conducted using an AI-powered chatbot based on ChatGPT.

Copilot in Bing can also be used to produce content (e.g., reports, images, outlines and poems) based on details obtained from the web and Microsoft’s database of Bing search engine result. As a chatbot, Copilot in Bing is designed to comprehend complex and natural language queries utilizing AI and LLM technology.

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Without getting deep into the specifics of how AI systems work, the basic concept is that the more input information an AI can access, the more precise and beneficial details can be produced. Copilot in Bing taps into the countless searches made on the Microsoft Bing platform daily for its LLM data collection.

How do you access Copilot in Bing?

Copilot in Bing is available whenever you use the Bing online search engine, which can be reached on the Bing web page; it is also available as an integrated function of the Microsoft Edge web browser. Other web browsers consisting of Chrome and Safari, along with mobile phones, can add Copilot in Bing through addons and downloadable apps.

Accessing Copilot through the Bing web page

To gain access to Copilot in Bing from the Bing website, open the Bing web page and click the Chat link on the upper menu. When there, the very first thing you will wish to do is choose a discussion design.

Figure A

Accessing Copilot through the Bing home page. Accessing Copilot through the Bing home page. Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic Accessing Copilot in Bing through Microsoft Edge To access Copilot in Bing from the Microsoft Edge web internet browser, open Edge to any web page, click the Bing sidebar button in the upper right corner and after that select a conversation style.

Figure B

Accessing Copilot in Bing through Microsoft Edge. Accessing Copilot in Bing through Microsoft Edge.

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic Just how much does Copilot in Bing expense? Consumers At the consumer level, Copilot becomes part of the Bing online search engine,

and as such it is free for anyone to use. Large organizations and companies As of December 1, 2023, large organizations and companies have the ability to choose into Microsoft Copilot 365.


Copilot 365 at the enterprise level costs $30/person/month and keeps all data and results in-house and does not share with the internet or Microsoft.

What are Copilot for Bing’s essential features?

Despite the selected conversational style, Copilot in Bing will generally return results that mirror outcomes usually returned by a search engine; in other words, definitions, descriptions and statements of reality gleaned from across the internet. However, Copilot is not limited to those type of results.

Follow up

For something, Copilot permits users to follow up initial answers with more specific concerns based on those outcomes. For example, if you request the score of last night’s basketball video game, you can follow up with a question asking who scored the most points, and the outcomes will know you are describing the video game asked about at the start of your discussion. Each subsequent question will stay in the context of your present discussion. This feature alone can be an effective improvement over traditional online search engine.

Request for particular output

Throughout the course of a conversation with Copilot in Bing, you might request for a particular form of output. For instance, you could ask Copilot to produce an image concerning the topic of your conversation or maybe you would like Copilot to produce programming code in C# based on your discussion.

Continuous enhancement

Copilot is a huge part of Microsoft’s company technique, so the company is devoted to continually improving and boosting the features and capabilities of the platform. Improvements to the image and code production engines have already been made, with additional updates assured in the future. Generative AI like Copilot is a nascent technology, and brand-new functions and improvements are standard operating procedure at this moment.

How do you start a discussion with Copilot in Bing?

Each time you fill a new discussion in Copilot in Bing, you are presented with an option of three discussion designs: Innovative, Exact and Well balanced modes. The characteristics related to the results of your conversation with Copilot in Bing, and therefore the effectiveness of the answers for your purposes, are identified by this option. You can freely move in between discussion styles during your session with Copilot in Bing.

1. Creative mode

Utilize the imaginative mode discussion design in Copilot in Bing when you wish to discover initial and creative outcomes. This discussion style will likely lead to longer and more comprehensive reactions that might consist of jokes, stories, poems or images. The creative mode is likewise how you call on Copilot in Bing’s integrated in AI-powered image creator.

2. Precise mode

Use the accurate mode discussion style in Copilot in Bing when you desire answers that are factual and succinct. Under the exact mode, Copilot in Bing will utilize much shorter and simpler sentences that avoid unnecessary details or embellishments.

3. Balanced mode

Use the well balanced mode conversation style in Copilot in Bing when you desire outcomes that are affordable and coherent. Under the well balanced mode, Copilot in Bing will attempt to offer outcomes that strike a balance between accuracy and imagination.

How does Copilot in Bing work?

After picking a conversation design and then entering your query in the chat box, Copilot in Bing will use artificial intelligence to create an action. For example, utilizing the exact mode, if you ask “Who is Smaug?” you will get a standard response.

Figure C

Answering the question Who is Smaug? in precise mode. Answering the question Who is Smaug? in exact mode. Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic If you use the imaginative mode conversation design, you can ask Copilot in Bing to create an image

of Smaug resting on a stack of gold. Figure D An image of Smaug sitting on a stack of gold generated by the Copilot in Bing AI. Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic Does Copilot in Bing save chat history? By default, regardless of web browser or running system, every

search you perform and every website you check out

is conserved as part of your individual browsing history; this is likewise real for questions and searches made with Copilot in Bing. You can delete your individual surfing history at any time, and you can alter specific settings to lower the quantity of conserved information in your browsing history. In addition, Microsoft collects information worrying Bing and Copilot search results page to assist its AI platform carry out better and more accurately. This data is collected in aggregate and is not associated with an individual. Due to the fact that of specific regulations and compliance issues, it is likely some big business and companies will have to pull out of this aggregate AI-related data collection. Which platforms compete with Copilot in Bing? Artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI, is among the most popular and most talked about technological developments of contemporary times. With that in mind, Copilot in Bing has a lot of competition now and will in the future. Copilot in Bing is based upon ChatGPT, which makes

it an obvious rival for Microsoft. ChatGPT is on

its 4th version, and the platform should continue to develop in time, offering a continuing source of both inspiration and competition. In August 2023, Google’s Bard became typically readily available to everybody. Like Bing Chat and ChatGPT

, Bard helps users search for info on the web utilizing natural language conversations in the type of a chatbot. Figure E Google Bard answering the concern Who is

Smaug? Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic Besides competition from other AI-powered chatbots, Copilot in Bing and Microsoft will need to contend with business providing specialized AI platforms. Business consisting of Salesforce and Adobe are using AI-powered systems designed to assist users much better utilize the software application and services those companies supply. Over time, we can expect numerous other business and organizations will offer their own specific AI systems and services. Is Copilot in Bing reputable? Copilot in Bing depends on data aggregated by Microsoft from millions of Bing search results, and that data is polluted by biases, errors, false information,

disinformation, the bizarre and wild conspiracy theories. Fundamental concerns looking for factual information must be accurate more often than not, however any concerns that require interpretation or vital observation should be welcomed with a healthy quantity of hesitation. All outcomes offered by Copilot in Bing must be scrutinized and vetted for precision. When will Copilot in Bing be available? Copilot in Bing is readily available now. Source

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