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2 people discuss data on a laptop with a screen showing charts and system analysis. Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock OneTrust is a distinct cloud solutions company that focuses on privacy, compliance, sustainability and information governance. With over 12,000 customers from services of all sizes– including Oracle, Allianz and Akami– the OneTrust innovation platform links information and procedures so business can put trust at the center of their operations and culture.

In this report, we dive into OneTrust’s offerings to comprehend the pros and cons of their solutions and how they can impact your organization. TechRepublic also talked with Blake Brannon, Chief Product and Technique Officer of OneTrust, to get the inside expert view on their information governance solutions.

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What does OneTrust do?

OneTrust logo. Image: OneTrust Organizations choose OneTrust to much better handle supply chains, cyber threats, international disturbances and natural disasters while at the same time browsing compliance, regulations and ethical concerns. OneTrust supports these efforts with automation and smart systems.

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“Regulatory, social and technological pressures position [d] trust at the leading edge of organizational priorities,” Brannon informed TechRepublic. “In our digital world, trust drives what business we decide to share our information with, which businesses we buy from and what companies we work for and invest in.”

The OneTrust data governance portfolio

OneTrust’s Intelligence Platform is an AI-powered, cloud-based innovation that supports centralized workflow automation in addition to problem, process and policy management. In addition, the system makes it possible for analytics and reporting with requirements and risk mitigation. The platform works across four primary trust clouds:

  • Privacy and Data Governance
  • GRC and Security Guarantee
  • Principles and Compliance
  • ESG and Sustainability

OneTrust Personal Privacy and Data Governance Cloud

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The OneTrust Personal Privacy and Data Governance Cloud assists business comprehend their information and what they do with it. Functional throughout the input, storage, management and disposal stages, the system is designed for the full information lifecycle.

Companies rely on OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud to embrace best-in-class personal privacy practices and build trust amongst customers and partners while delivering better experiences and creating service worth through trust.

With brand-new worldwide, nationwide and state regulations progressing at a rapid speed, personal privacy professionals have watched their day-to-day operations reach brand-new levels of intricacy. Maintaining an effective worldwide privacy program has actually proven important to avoid track record damages, fines and suits while likewise opening brand-new service opportunities.

“The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud allow [s] business to drive all elements of their personal privacy program– personal privacy management, data governance, consent and preferences, and responsible AI– from one location while leveraging automation to improve essential program requirements,” Brannon discussed.

Key features

With OneTrust Personal Privacy and Data Governance Cloud, business can:

  • Automate PIAs, DPIAs and PbD with vibrant templates and flexible workflows
  • Integrate existing organization tools and processes
  • Keep evergreen information inventories of assets, procedures and suppliers to understand information processing and generate required records
  • Automate the satisfaction of personal privacy rights requests (DSRs) from consumption, identity confirmation, information discovery, data redaction and safe response
  • Streamline reaction to events and information breaches from consumption through evaluation and resolution
  • Simplify continuous analysis of third-party personal privacy practices
  • Offer awareness and training to workers through content designed by privacy and data governance professionals
  • Stay up to date with the current personal privacy and security advancements through a main portal that provides same-day updates from specialists

OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud

The OneTrust GRC and Security Assurance Cloud assists business successfully manage the risk induced by 3rd parties. At the very same time, they are able to acquire the presence they require to make better risk-informed decisions.

This cloud option aligns with a variety of company operations: governance and policy management, IT risk and security guarantee, third-party threat management and audit and compliance management. This specific service supports business and supply chains in efforts to stay resilient through constant cyber hazards, worldwide crises and natural disasters.

Secret functions

Companies using the GRC and Security Assurance Cloud can:

  • Manage, keep track of, modify and update policies and notices to centralize policy development
  • Run attestation campaigns and perform automated periodic review cycles
  • Make risk-informed choices based on regulative intelligence and third-party risk-based analysis
  • Centralize policy advancement and planning with ingrained business intelligence and cooperation
  • Handle GRC jobs and automate evidence collection for compliance with different security accreditations

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OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud

Companies deal with a range of connected difficulties like siloed compliance management, low-risk visibility, low case volumes and disengaged staff members. Reacting to this particular set of issues, OneTrust established the OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud.

“It assists [companies] foster safe and ethical cultures where workers feel empowered to speak up, share their perspectives and raise issues without fear of retaliation,” Brannon said.

The OneTrust Ethics and Compliance Cloud bring together ethics program management, speak-up culture guarantee and third-party due diligence to combine individuals, procedures and innovation across ethics, compliance, HR and legal teams.

Key functions

OneTrust Ethics and Compliance allows users to:

  • Run ethics management programs with third-party due diligence
  • Engage workers and produce a speak-up culture with securities such as whistleblower retaliation security
  • Proactively tackle emerging threats
  • Protect and enhance brands with cross-application reporting and analytics that focus on company culture health, program effectiveness and current company risks

OneTrust ESG and Sustainability Cloud

The ESG and Sustainability Cloud enables companies to develop and perform an ESG and sustainability technique with a versatile cloud-based platform. Sustainability and climate commitments are now top concerns for business leaders, but they still struggle to drive transparency and procedure progress versus these objectives.

“The OneTrust ESG and Sustainability Cloud uses carbon accounting, ESG program management and provider sustainability and responsibility to assist organizations determine and reduce their carbon footprints and develop a more responsible supply chain,” Brannon stated.

Key functions

With the ESG and Sustainability Cloud, you can:

  • Set ESG targets, track KPIs and inbound regulations and drive carbon accounting with this understanding
  • Discover your organization’s carbon footprint numbers and figure out ways to decrease and offset emissions
  • Automate ESG reporting and disclosures for regular stakeholder updates
  • Guarantee provider sustainability and duty

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Information Discovery and Data Brochure

Information Discovery and Data Catalog are two more specific OneTrust Data Governance Cloud elements. Clients can not buy one without the other; both are crucial for the efficient operations of the smart system.

The elements work effortlessly to strengthen data-driven insights for positive business outcomes.

“Together, these solutions provide a deep understanding of what data exists within the business, the business function, relevant commitments [and] technical measures all within a main view,” Brannon explained.

OneTrust Data Discovery and Data Catalog provide users the ability to:

  • Produce a detailed map of organizational data
  • Apply relevant context through metadata mapping and management
  • Automate and confirm governance processes and policies to make sure compliance
  • Drive regulatory intelligence with DataGuidance and other AI features
  • Offer policy automation for both external regulative and internal policy requirements
  • Permit discovery and category throughout cloud, on-premises and tradition systems
  • Enable consumers to discover sensitive, personal and other data held within structured and disorganized formats
  • Enhance precision with time with integrated maker discovering models
  • Allow protected discovery and category procedures to happen within an organization’s security controls

Advantages and disadvantages of OneTrust information governance tools

Companies looking for intelligent information governance platforms to simplify automation and supply crucial company management assistance regularly select OneTrust. The company provides various modules to manage information defense issues that can be integrated and used by several participants, making it a practical solution for larger and more complicated teams.

The option can improve company procedure outcomes, compliance, risk management and profits. Client reviews highlight OneTrust’s expense management, development, decision-making and assistance capabilities while assuring the platform drives internal and external functional effectiveness and securely enhances company agility.

The main drawback of OneTrust services is their complexity, which can be overwhelming for users who do not have the appropriate technical skills. Customers also complain about an oversupply of features and the high information literacy level required to operate the user interface. Nevertheless, those utilizing OneTrust assure that user guides and the OneTrust team provide the required support to overcome these obstacles.

Selecting OneTrust for your information governance needs

The pricing choices for OneTrust are flexible and scalable. Consumers and reviews report functions beginning as low as $30 monthly. In addition, the business uses free trials.

No matter their perceived spending plan or consumer evaluations, potential buyers need to think about for themselves whether the OneTrust portfolio of options satisfies their company’ particular needs. Particularly for companies that more greatly count on ethical information governance and availability for their stakeholders, a trust platform of some kind is one of the most valuable tools for conference stakeholder expectations.

“Many companies can’t address the trust question because they’re currently counting on technology and manual procedures that use little visibility throughout business,” Brannon stated. “To help companies respond to the concern: ‘Did we do something today to make my service more or less relied on?’ OneTrust created the Trust Intelligence Platform.”


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