DataStax gets Langflow developer Logspace to aid gen AI app advancement


Database and related companies DataStax is acquiring Logspace, developer of the open source package Langflow, for a concealed sum, in order to help designers develop generative AI applications much faster, it stated Thursday.Langflow is an open-source,web-based no-code visual user interface(GUI )that enables developers to visually model LangChain circulations and repeat them to develop applications faster. LangChain is a modular structure for Python and JavaScript that streamlines the development of applications that are powered by generative AI language designs or LLMs. Datastax stated that Langflow integrates with its RAGStack– an offering released in November in 2015 to streamline implementation of retrieval enhanced generation (RAG )applications developed with LangChain. RAGStack reduces complexity by offering a streamlined, checked, and efficient set of tools and strategies for building with LLMs in one place, the business said.A more appealing beginning point Logspace has only been around a number of years: It was founded in January 2022 by Gabriel Luiz Freitas Almeida and Rodrigo Nader.DataStax is purchasing Logspace in order to use Langflow, which the business launched in March 2023. Langflow has acquired gratitude and traction from developers, and DataStax’head of designer relations, Carter Rabasa, anticipates the acquisition to put the business” front and center”for all RAG-based application

development. For Amalgam Insights’chief analyst Hyoun Park, the acquisition makes DataStax a more attractive starting point for enterprises that want to tweak an existing open source design for company use instead of go through the process of building their own models.”This must be an exceptionally appealing

deal for mid-sized companies with a corpus of internal information and the desire to utilize generative AI to acquire competitive advantages and performance,”Park said. Nevertheless, DataStax competitors such as MongoDB and Azure Cosmos DB are also adding assistance for vector search, embeddings and RAG, stated Doug Henschen, principal expert at Constellation Research, including that it was “early days”for everybody.” It usually takes time to add such capabilities and get adoption, so I think the Langflow acquisition is all about velocity while AI interest is high,”Henschen said.Langflow, too, deals with competition from rivals, experts said.According to Park, Langflow’s greatest competition in the drag and drop RAG area is Flowise.”Usually, Langflow does a much better task of supporting persistent conversations while Flowise’s tools are a bit more focused on the SQL and particular information being

taken out at the time of request,”Park said.Following the acquisition the Langflow team will operate individually, focusing on task development and community cooperation, DataStax’Rabasa stated, adding that Langflow has a neighborhood of more than 15,000 designers interacting through GitHub. Furthermore, the acquisition will also see 10 to 12 direct staff from Logspace, experienced in AI and machine learning advancement, signing up with DataStax, he said. Copyright © 2024 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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