Dell AI Laptops Will Be Powered By Next-Gen Qualcomm Chips


AI collaborations took top billing at Dell Technologies World 2024, kept in Las Vegas from May

  • 20 to May 23. Significant news from the conference up until now included: 5 new AI-capable laptops. More integrations between NVIDIA and Dell’s AI Factory, Dell’s AI enablement program.
  • New collaborations with Hugging Face, Meta and Microsoft.

Dell reveals AI capabilities on XPS, Latitude and Inspiron Laptops

New Dell PCs are participating the generative AI boom, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series processor coming to five brand-new models:

  • XPS 13, coming later this year with preorders starting May 20 in the U.S. The price starts at $1,299. Preorders start May 21 in the U.K., Germany, France and Japan.
  • Inspiron 14, coming later on this year with cost to be announced.
  • Inspiron 14 Plus coming later on this year, with preorders beginning May 20 in the U.S. The price begins at $1,099. Preorders begin May 21 in the U.K., Germany, France and Japan.
  • Latitude 5455, coming later this year with rate to be announced.
  • Latitude 7455, coming later on this year with rate to be revealed.

The Qualcomm processor brings 45 NPU TOPS, essentially meaning 13 billion specification big language designs like Meta’s medium-sized model Llama 2 might run on-device on these PCs, Dell stated.

The Dell XPS 13 laptop can run large language models. The Dell XPS 13 laptop can run big language designs. Image: Dell AI Factory is a Dell-guided environment for AI release Speaking at a news pre-briefing on May 16, Dell Elder Vice President of Product Marketing Sam Grocott mentioned the AI Factory isn’t a single SKU or product; instead, it’s a roadmap of possible items based on the client’s use case. This graph shows different ways to approach the AI Factory concept depending on the use case or needs of the customer. This graph shows various ways to approach the AI Factory idea depending on the usage case or needs of the client. Image: Dell Professional services from Dell will now consist of Microsoft Copilot, Copilot for Sales, Copilot for Security and GitHub Copilot. This collaboration is part of an effort to make it much easier for clients to find, confirm, plan and design generative AI services that attach to the tools and workflows groupscurrently use. Solutions for digital assistants are designed “to assist customers provide, in a turnkey fashion, digital assistants wherever it makes sense for their business,”said Dell Senior Vice President

of Product Marketing Varun Chhabra. AI Factory With NVIDIA Dell likewise offers, individually, AI Factory With NVIDIA, which utilizes NVIDIA AI, infrastructure and a high-speed NVIDIA networking material. Since first announcing the collaboration at

NVIDIA GTC in March, Dell has included: Accelerator services for retrieval-augmented generation. Expert services for digital assistants. NVIDIA NIM. Automated deployment of NVIDIA solutions. Dell PowerEdge. Dell NativeEdge

  • . The accelerator services for RAG”makes it possible for developers to try out and check out generative AI in a hassle-free mobile format for easy demonstration within their organizations,”said Chhabra. SEE: People surpass AI on many
  • jobs, Stanford researchers found in a study of
  • AI trends in organization. AI
  • heads to the edge Another

brand-new symptom of the Dell/NVIDIA partnership is that NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs are coming to Dell PowerEdge servers. Particularly, the Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server will have eight NVIDIA Blackwell 200 GPUs and direct liquid cooling. NVIDIA AI Enterprise software application is shaking hands with Dell NativeEdge, which will have the ability to automatethe

NVIDIA software application right in the Dell edge orchestration platform. Accessibility dates for the Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server and other edge hardware had not been released at the time of composing. Expanded partnerships with Hugging Face, Meta and Microsoft Dell and Hugging Face broadened their partnership with the Dell+Hugging Face Enterprise Hub, a straightforward pathway with which to deploy open source AI models from Hugging Face to Dell infrastructure. Dell PowerEdge servers developed with Meta AI in mind With Meta, Dell has optimized choose PowerEdge servers for Llama 3. The PowerEdge XE9680

in specific has 8GPU assistance for much better performance and security when running Llama 3. Dell will publish release guides for Llama 3, directing consumers on how to release and tune the model. Azure AI concerns Dell pinnacle Cloud Platform With Microsoft, Dell is including Azure AI capabilities on-prem to the Dell Pinnacle Cloud Platform with Microsoft Azure, the automated facilities for connecting public and private clouds. Organizations will be able to use Azure AI with the sameAPIs they may already be used to in Azure; this could make it simpler for them to use AI vision, translation and speech services, to name a few services. PowerStore and Dell APEX receive upgrades AI existed throughout other item portfolios, too. Other major announcements from Dell Technologies

World consisted of PowerStore Prime, a performance increase and set of brand-new improvements for the PowerStore all-flash storage platform. PowerStore customers will receive PowerStore Prime through a complimentary software application upgrade. PowerStore Prime brings brand-new simultaneous duplication for file and block, improvements to the city volume feature, and custom-made, recyclable policies for data defense. Dell pinnacle has actually received

an AI add-on: AIOps. Pinnacle AIOps is an IT operations management tool meant to increase observability in on-premises or multicloud facilities, application observability and event management through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Peak AIOps includes a chatbot called AIOps Assistant, which can address questions about every Dell facilities product. Dell pinnacle AIOps is available in Dell peak Navigator, a service for block and file storage in the general public cloud or persistent storage in Kubernetes. Release dates for the PowerStore and

APEX upgrades were not offered at the time of writing. TechRepublic is covering Dell Technologies World 2024 remotely. Source

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