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Think of handling multiple remotes for your home entertainment system, each controlling a different device and needing limitless button presses to achieve a simple task. This is what handling a complex network security landscape can feel like– an assortment of disparate services, each requiring your attention and adding to confusion.

Today’s IT environment is no stranger to intricacy. The increase of hybrid work, multicloud adoption, and more sophisticated cyberthreats have developed a security landscape that traditional, siloed solutions simply can not keep pace with. This leaves organizations vulnerable, threatening the security of their information, applications, and user trust.

This is where convergence comes in. It’s similar to having a single, universal remote for your home entertainment system.

Safe gain access to service edge (SASE) is this “universal remote” for your network security. It provides a converged method that integrates networking and security into a single, cloud-delivered service. By bringing security closer to the user and the cloud edge, companies can assist make sure extensive defense despite the user’s location or gain access to point.

Nevertheless, embracing SASE can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Various suppliers, complicated combinations, and prolonged application times can leave you feeling lost. At Cisco, we comprehend the difficulties you deal with and the need for simpleness. That’s why we’re committed to making your SASE journey simpler and more effective.

Cisco SASE: Catalyst SD-WAN and Cisco Secure Access Figure 1: Progress to full SASE– Catalyst SD-WAN and Secure Gain access to integration Introducing the combination of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN and Cisco Secure Access, a cloud-delivered security service edge(SSE)option. It’s a single, integrated SASE service that combines the power of Cisco Driver SD-WAN with the robust security of our SSE option, Cisco Secure Gain Access To. This powerful duo forms the foundation of our integrated Cisco SASE option, providing a simplified path to robust security and structured management.

You can think about Catalyst SD-WAN as the intelligent highway, enhancing network traffic flow and ensuring reputable connectivity. Cisco Secure Gain access to, meanwhile, functions as the tollbooth or security checkpoint, permitting just authorized users and devices gain access to. When these two options are incorporated, they provide a structured and effective approach to SASE, helping to guarantee protected and effective gain access to for your data, applications, and users.

Driver SD-WAN and Cisco Secure Gain Access To (SSE) integrate to change your network’s efficiency and security. Through Driver SD-WAN’s innovative networking innovation, your information is intelligently routed along the most effective pathways, optimizing cloud application efficiency and minimizing latency by connecting users to the nearby point of existence (PoP). This makes sure improved redundancy and supports the high bandwidth needs of customized local websites, underpinning your network’s scalability and dexterity.

Cisco Secure Access serves as a robust cloud-based security shield, embodying the zero-trust approach by completely validating and continually monitoring each gain access to effort, while diligently scanning web traffic to safeguard your network versus the spectrum of emerging cyberthreats.

The integration simplifies the shift to SASE by eliminating the intricacies of multivendor environments. A unified management platform offers centralized control and oversight of both networking and security functions, considerably minimizing operational complexity and saving IT resources. This thorough control enhances choice making, streamlines workflows, and guarantees a cohesive security posture across the whole network infrastructure.

Let’s explore how this incorporated option empowers you to attend to typical security difficulties.

  • Securing branch workplaces and internet SaaS traffic: Branch offices and strolling users are particularly vulnerable to cyberthreats, especially with the growing adoption of Direct Internet Gain Access To (DIA). Our smooth integration extends robust cloud security throughout your whole SD-WAN fabric, securing branch offices and users accessing internet and cloud-based applications.
  • Empowering zero-trust security: Our option needs extensive verification for every single gain access to effort. This constant tracking approach makes sure only authorized users and devices gain access to important resources. By leveraging Cisco division and micro-segmentation abilities, you can successfully isolate important network sections and resources, substantially reducing the attack surface area and preventing unapproved access.
  • Rapid deployment: Through the Cisco automation framework, you can rapidly deploy safe and secure connectivity for hundreds or thousands of branch sites to Cisco Secure Gain access to within minutes. This eliminates the requirement for complex, lengthy manual configurations.
  • Streamlined consumer onboarding: The streamlined getting procedure through the purchasing tool not only simplifies getting licenses however likewise instantly starts the creation of tenant spaces tailored for your organization. This pivotal function represents a significant value-add, perfectly transitioning clients from the acquisition phase to functional readiness.

The benefits of this integrated SASE service exceed just simplifying your security stack, and include:

  • Improved security: Elevate security for web and SaaS traffic at branch workplaces, while easily guiding traffic for additional security. Gain from a detailed suite of security functions, consisting of safe and secure web gateway (SWG), Cloud Gain Access To Security Broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), zero trust network access (ZTNA), firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), and IPS.
  • Meet converged networking and security requires at scale: Deploy robust SASE architectures on top of your existing Catalyst 8000 series routers for high-throughput branch sites.
  • Distributed security enforcement provides customized security, efficient traffic management, and improved protection. It combines on-premises NGFW on the Driver 8000 with cloud-based Cisco Secure Access, offering versatility, scalability, and expense effectiveness. This model allows organizations to tailor their security posture to particular needs, using a robust defense versus cyberthreats and empowering them to manage demanding network traffic with strong security procedures.
  • Operational performance: Streamline security application with policy-based routing and automated failover, minimizing complexity and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Enhanced user experience: Deliver constant, unwavering security for wandering users, no matter area, for a more smooth user experience.
  • Unparalleled agility: Scale security easily to adapt to your developing environment, making it possible for rapid and versatile responses to altering demands.
  • Unrivaled network visibility and troubleshooting: Combining Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN, ThousandEyes, and Secure Gain access to provides extraordinary network visibility and troubleshooting abilities. This effective integration optimizes traffic flow, boosts digital experience guarantee by securing user connections, and guarantees robust connection throughout your entire network. Gain a thorough view of network health, improve problem resolution, and develop a resilient and effective digital environment.
  • Constantly ahead of hazards: Take advantage of the power of Cisco Talos hazard intelligence for real-time insights that recognize, associate, and remediate threats at exceptional speed.

Jumpstart your SASE journey with ease

The integrated power of Cisco Driver SD-WAN and Cisco Secure Gain access to unlocks a scalable, safe, and simplified course to SASE. This powerful combination, combining the very best of networking and security into a single option delivers a unified experience for both IT and users. Centralized management of your whole network and security posture improves operations and simplifies SASE adoption. In addition, users take pleasure in unequaled security with consistent protection throughout the network, regardless of place.



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