Docker sundowns Free Group memberships, roiling open source projects


Docker users with a legacy Free Group company subscription have been told they have one month to convert to a paid tier or threat losing access to their information– a move that might break build automations for many open source projects.Many Docker users with Free Group accounts are reporting they have received an e-mail from Docker stating they will soon no longer have the ability to utilize the service, and should switch to a paid subscription tier ($300/year) or risk losing access to data. [Also on InfoWorld: How Docker broke in half]Docker Group subscriptions give groups of developers an organizational system for

the developers associated with a provided set of Docker repositories. The free version of this offering has actually been commonly utilized by open source projects. Removing it indicates losing the information associated with those groups, including Docker images.The email from Docker, according to several reports such as Alex Ellis of OpenFAAS, states”Free Group companies are a tradition subscription tier that no longer exists. This tier included a lot of the very same functions, rates, and performance as a paid Docker Team membership. … If you own a legacy Free Team organization, access to paid features– consisting of personal repositories, will be suspended on April 14, 2023 … Upgrade your membership before April 14, 2023 to continue accessing your organization.”According to the rest of the email, accounts that do not update will have their information retained for one month “after which it will undergo removal.”

Many of those submitting grievances about this change by means of a GitHub issue manage open source tasks with develop dependences that may break, such as the Mamba task. Some,

like Livebook, are currently planning to move all containers far from Docker to the GitHub Container Pc registry, however will have to move their older images manually. The Kubernetes project Kind is likewise mulling options, all of which possibly break workflows that would need to be rebuilt. One possible alternate course for affected jobs is Docker’s Sponsored Open Source program(DSOS), where maintainers of open source projects can get totally free Group suibscriptions.Docker declares “We will postpone any company suspension or deletion while DSOS application is under evaluation, and give companies a minimum of 1 month before we suspend the company if the application is ultimately rejected. Any organizations suspended or deleted will not release the namespace, so squatting previous namespaces will not be possible.”But applicants are reporting

Docker has a high volume of applications, and the DSOS program has constraints that may make some projects difficult to get accepted; e., g. they need to”not have a path to commercialization.”Some applicants, such as Neil Hanlon of the Rocky Linux project and Rockert Scheck of the rpki-client

task , stillhaven’t heard back from Docker in spite of having actually made an application for the program long prior to the Free Team statement. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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