Enterprises turn to single-vendor SASE for ease of manageability


Before the start of the Covid epidemic, a conventional WAN architecture with central security worked well for Town Roadshow. “Advanced security assessment services can be used, firewall softwares can supply separation, and a demilitarized zone can be implemented,” said Michael Fagan, chief transformation officer at Village Roadshow, the largest amusement park owner in Australia.But it required

backhauling traffic from remote websites to an information center or center for security examination, which can injure application performance, produce a bad user experience, and cost the business in efficiency, he said.When the pandemic led the company to shift to a hybrid labor force, with most people working from home or from a remote website, it prompted Town Roadshow to reassess its network and security approach.”A person working from house is a branch office of one,”Fagan said.” Also, a new theme park ride might be thought about a new workplace. Both need access to information securely, and in different ways.”To resolve the issue, the business relied on SASE– secure gain access to service edge– which uses security and networking in cloud-based architecture that’s designed to alleviate release and management and streamline scalability.At first, Village Roadshow utilized 2 vendors, Zscaler and Examine Point, for different parts of the SASE stack. But the company soon recognized that the marketplace was heading towards merging, Fagan said. Today, Village Roadshow utilizes a single vendor, Palo Alto Networks, to provide the full set of SASE features, which Gartner defines as SD-WAN, a protected web gateway, a cloud gain access to security broker, network firewall programs, and absolutely no trust network gain access to (ZTNA).”We now have a single supplier providing us best-in-class security and consistency across our whole network,”Fagan said. As a result, Town Roadshow has saved money and time. SASE costs less than dedicated MPLScircuits, it’s carrier agnostic, and it’s scalable, Fagen stated, providing the business”the ability to spin up brand-new connected sites quickly– food stalls at our movie theaters, marketing or client days at our theme parks.”On the efficiency side, staff members no longer need to rememberpasswords to link to company VPNs or carry physical tokens on their essential rings.”Simply connect to a web connection anywhere you are located

with a company-issued laptop computer, and within a couple of seconds you will be connected to the internal network,”Fagen said.”Overall, we have a much stronger security posture and security for our staff members no matter if they are in the office or working from house. “Dealing with a single supplier is essential to Fagen.”I had an experience in a previous CIO function where switches and routers from two various vendors would not deal with each other, and both pointed fingers at each other,”he stated. “You need to ensure that you are looking at technologies that integrate together flawlessly so you can simplify and consolidate your innovation stack and get rid of as much intricacy as possible.”One unforeseen advantage of the move to SASE is a reduction in the number of

calls to the service desk, which frees employee to focus on greater value, more complex tasks that can’t be automated, Fagan said.Single-vendor SASE stresses integration Town Roadshow isn’t alone in transferring to combine

their SASE infrastructure.Smaller and mid-sized companies in particular can take advantage of SASE, stated Jeffrey Caso, an associate partner at McKinsey & Business.”There’s a substantial market opportunity to bring typically enterprise-grade security … Source

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