Get Beats Solo 3 cordless headphones for $199.95


This sale on Beats Solo 3 cordless headphones is among many offers to be glad for this holiday season.< img src="" alt="" width="770" height="578"/ > Image: StackCommerce

What do you get when you combine the musical intelligence of Dr. Dre and the technological understanding of Apple? The Beats Solo 3 cordless headphones. Delivering impressive on-ear noise for approximately 40 hours on a full charge, these headphones are an essential for music fans.

At this time of providing and thankfulness, you can

get the Beats Solo threes for just $199.95 at TechRepublic Academy. This belongs of our unique Offers To Be Thankful For Sale, which only runs up until midnight on November 23. When Apple purchased Beats by Dre, it was apparent that this popular brand name would get a major upgrade. The Solo 3 earphones supply the proof. Powered by an Apple W1 chip, these cordless earphones benefit from Class 1 Bluetooth– meaning less dropouts and a prolonged range. That chip also supports spatial audio, that makes every track really immersive. Listening with these earphones resembles standing in the recording studio.

The high-end Bluetooth technology allows the Beats Solo 3 earphones to sync with all of your Apple gadgets at the same time. They can even connect to iCloud. Don’t fret Android users, they work with your devices, too. You can eavesdrop comfort throughout the day thanks to adjustable ear cups, which provide some level of sound seclusion. The overall style is smooth and lightweight, and the popular logo works as a touch-sensitive control board for playback. With a tap, you can turn up the volume, respond to a call or open Siri.

Order today for only $ 199.95 to get these trendy wireless headphones in our special holiday sale, with an option of 3 different colors on the offer page.

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