Gusto vs Zenefits: Which software application is much better for your company in 2023?


Gusto and TriNet Zenefits logos. Image: Rebecca Olason/TechRepublic You desire software that can assist you accurately process your payrolls and taxes, and you desire software application that will offer your groups with appealing benefits and increase employee retention. It may seem like you’re requesting for a lot, however you remain in luck: The ideal payroll software option can provide the tools to support your company across several areas of operations.

While Gusto and Zenefits are both leading competitors in the payroll software application world, the items have distinct techniques to offering various functions and abilities. We compare crucial functions of Gusto and Zenefits so you can pick the payroll service that is ideal for your business.

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What is Gusto?

Gusto logo.< img src=""alt="Gusto logo design."width="270" height="141"/ > Image: Gusto provides a cloud-based, full-service payroll software application solution with HR tools that help services work with and supply settlement and benefits for their personnel. The company offers its payroll software through three item tiers including automatic payroll functions, advantages integrations and other organizational abilities. You can personalize Gusto’s strategies with add-on alternatives to gain access to more payroll and HR tools.

Gusto’s hiring tools and skill management abilities can assist HR supervisors source and handle their personnel. The platform’s insights and reporting capabilities inform decision-making.

What is Zenefits?

The TriNet Zenefits logo.< img src=""alt="The TriNet Zenefits logo." width="270"height="152"/ > Image: TriNet Zenefits supplies an Individuals Ops Platform in the type of cloud-based software with functions for handling payroll procedures, medical insurance coverage and other HR operations. Its software-as-a-service option is used in 3 plans, each billed regular monthly based on your company’s number of employees.

You can use automation software to handle multiple elements of your teams, from onboarding brand-new employee to performing efficiency evaluations. The software application likewise enables users to provide comprehensive health care strategies and other benefits to their staff members, and it uses features to assist management enhance their compliance, group performance and employee experience.

Gusto vs Zenefits: Feature comparison

Functions Gusto Zenefits
529 College Savings plan Yes No
Built-in staff member scheduling capabilities No Yes
Advantages brokering internal Yes No
Platform mobile app No Yes
Custom-made admin permissions Yes No
Health insurance coverage in all 50 states No Yes

Gusto vs Zenefits: Payroll includes


Gusto’s full-service tools let organizations run unrestricted payrolls quickly. The solution has time-tracking built in, implying that workers’ hours are automatically synced to their payroll data. The automated nature of the integrated solution likewise indicates that other factors impacting payroll, like health insurance, 401(k), workers’ settlement and PTO, are appropriately handled.

Gusto can manage payroll, regardless of where your team member live. In addition, the payroll option can process contractor payments in more than 80 countries and handle the tax registration procedure for workers in all 50 U.S. states. For per hour employees, geolocation time tracking ensures that company records remain accurate and certified.

Gusto also instantly files payroll taxes with the appropriate government firms. Employees can view pay stubs and W-2s in the system, along with access their pay quickly through Gusto debit cards.


You can process limitless payruns through Zenefits’ easy-to-use platform. Its automated features simplify payroll processing, with automatically synced time off, advantage reductions, scheduling information and updates to salary details.

Zenefits admin and payrun features help you handle payroll tasks with automated suggestions. Features like immediately prorated payments for new workers, pay sneak peeks and the ability to catch reported ideas are helpful for ensuring accurate payments and compliance.

Zenefits lets organizations process several deductions and immediately manages federal and state tax filings, consisting of new hire filing and 1099 filings to the internal revenue service. Garnishments are no trouble, as the platform determines and reserves garnishment withholding amounts.

Zenefits can process direct deposits to all employees, including full-time workers, specialists, freelancers or consultants. Workers have mobile access to their vibrant pay stubs so they can view their reductions and payroll details even after they have actually left their position.

Gusto vs Zenefits: Advantages


Gusto acts as a broker and helps employers use their employees health and financial benefits. These budget friendly advantages include low-cost employees comp, commuter benefits, and HSA and FSA choices. In addition, the premium Gusto plan offers users access to 401ks and oral, vision and health insurance administration. Gusto enables users to integrate existing brokers and qualified health plans for much easier management.

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Several no-cost benefits are used for employees, like the open-enrollment renewal features and budgeting tools. For example, the Gusto Wallet app allows workers to handle their incomes, and they can establish automatic savings with the Gusto Cash Accounts. The app lets workers split their salaries between their accounts and get budgeting insights.


The Zenefits automated system supports businesses in offering medical, oral and vision benefits in 49 states. Fringe benefits include FSA, 401k, life and impairment, HSA, commuter and supplemental advantages. Concerning ACA regulations, the platform keeps up with the latest updates and manages compliance automatically.

Workers can register for benefits directly on the platform. In the Zenefits app, workers can view their balances, claims and strategy information from their mobile phones. By incorporating the Zenefits app with other apps, employees can link and apply their advantages on-the-go.

Gusto vs. Zenefits: Reporting, insights and analytics


Gusto lets you view and share a large range of reports associated with payroll, benefits, workers and taxes. For example, worker time-off information can be organized by date, department or employee so you can generate the right reports for your needs.

Higher-cost strategy tiers let leaders and decision makers gain access to more reports and holistic insights on information associated with taxes and workforce expenses. Gusto even lets companies produce custom reports using its design templates, allowing them to gain the needed information and insights.

Another reporting perk offered through the higher-cost Gusto strategies is the ability to produce reports about staff members. With anonymous staff member studies, you can enhance your employees’ experience by getting actionable insights from them and analyzing study results over time. The job tracking and labor force cost reports can likewise offer insights into group efficiency and labor budgeting.


Zenefits can monitor multiple service aspects through the platform’s reporting features. For instance, Zenefits can produce payroll timelines and ledger reports to assist you understand your compensation costs. Plus, you can discover how payroll expenses are dispersed across each of your labor types.

In addition, Zenefits makes tax reporting a breeze, as the software application provides substantial methods to picture and manage your financial resources through reports, which include Tax Liability Reports, Tax Payments Summaries and Garnishments Reports.

The People Analytics features allow you to see information about payroll, HR and advantages; this information can be deemed reports used to curate visualizations and can be shared with others.

How to select in between Gusto and Zenefits

When picking in between Zenefits and Gusto, you should think about the functions that suggest the most to your company. Download this payroll services comparison tool from TechRepublic Premium to help you make your choice.

If you want to enhance your payroll operations through organization insights, Zenefits might be a much better option, as Zenefits supplies a far greater range of reporting abilities and BI visualization alternatives than Gusto. Zenefits makes it possible for reporting for wage information, tax summaries and other payroll data so leaders and employees can quickly acquire relevant payroll details. Organizational leaders and decision makers who utilize Zenefits can quickly visualize a variety of datasets, allowing them to reach more actionable insights through reports that summarize info relating to historic information, incomes, reductions, contributions and taxes for each run.

Gusto’s payroll solution takes a more hands-on method to staff member advantages. While Zenefits simply makes it possible for companies to partner with advantages brokers, Gusto functions as the broker for its users and provides the choice to integrate existing brokers.

Lastly, think about combinations when picking a software system for your business. Choosing a service that connects well with the third-party services that your company utilizes can make a significant distinction in its functionality. For example, Gusto doesn’t offer built-in staff member scheduling, but it does integrate with popular scheduling solutions. If scheduling capabilities are vital to your organization’s requirements, ensure that the scheduling software application you utilize is supported by Gusto.

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