Hono web framework adds static website generation


Hono 4.0.0, the latest release of the quick, lightweight web structure that operates on any JavaScript runtime, is now offered. The upgrade features fixed website generation, client parts, and file-based routing.Launched February

9, Hono 4.0.0 introduces the SSG Assistant, which creates static pages of Hono applications. Developers utilize this by creating a separate file from the application, build.ts, and calling the toSSG()function in it. SSG Helper retrieves the contents of registered paths and saves them as static files. Adapters are available for the Bun toolkit and the Deno JavaScript runtime to speed development. A plug-in for Vite, @hono/ vite-ssg, builds static sites with the vite command.With customer parts, hono/jsx encompasses run on the client and not just the server. Hooks such as useContext, useEffect, and Memo allow developers to create client components just like in React. File-based routing, called HonoX, is offered in a separate bundle. It allows development of big applications, supports quick rendering utilizing Hono, and lets designers bring their own renderer. It works as Hono, so Hono middleware can be used.Hono operate on JavaScript runtimes consisting of Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute, Deno, Bun, Vercel, Netlify, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, and Node.js. The framework has 5 routers, each of which is optimized for speed or size or other usage cases. One of these, the SmartRouter, picks the very best among

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