Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2023: Features, Pros & Cons


Hotspot Shield VPN fast truths Our ranking: 3.5
stars out of 5 Pricing: Starts at$7.99 monthly Secret functions:

  • Integrated speed test.Fast and reputable connection.10 simultaneous device connections. Hotspot Shield markets itself as the”world’s fastest VPN.”While it

supplies excellent speed and performance, it lacks a clear no-logs policy– a crucial security function one gets out of a VPN. Hotspot Guard’s inconsistent information logging practices make it tough to advise for users who prioritize security above all else. Jump to: Does Hotspot Shield VPN have a Free Version? It appears Hotspot Shield no longer uses its totally free variation and has a 7-day free trial instead. Hotspot Guard’s complimentary VPN had actually restricted features, compared to its premium membership, but it was free

of charge and limitless to utilize. When I went to download the complimentary version to check for this review, I was prompted to enter payment details and begin a totally free 7-day trial. After the totally free trial, I ‘d be charged$ 12.99/ month. It was stated that I could cancel the subscription anytime and make the most of their 45-day money-back guarantee. Figure A< img src=""alt="Free VPN download page."width="770" height=" 383"/ > Free VPN download page.

Image: Hotspot Shield Offering a complimentary trial instead of a limitless complimentary VPN service is normal. In fact, VPN companies like Surfshark and CyberGhost VPN don’t have a complimentary VPN however rather provide a 7-day and a 24-hour complimentary trial for their premium VPNs. Nevertheless, it’s unusual that Hotspot Shield still promotes having a totally free VPN service in spite of it really being a totally free trial. Also, they have not upgraded their advertising materials to show this, as they continue to have testimonials stating they have a totally free VPN.

In fairness to Hotspot Guard, it might just be that they have not gotten around to updating their website and its matching info. But this is a cause for concern, as openness is one of the things I look for in a VPN. For those interested in trialing Hotspot Shield, you can do so– free of charge– for 7 days. Hotspot Guard VPN Rates Strategy Length Premium Regular monthly$12.99 monthly Yearly$7.99 per month Outside of their totally free trial, Hotspot Guard offers 2 strategies: a month-to-month and a yearly membership. I wish Hotspot Shield used more plan choices, as other VPNs usually have a regular monthly, yearly and a two

-or three-year membership.

Hotspot Guard’s annual plan of
$7.99 monthly is costly, with competitors typically offering a yearly prepare for around$ 4-$6 a

month. If you desire a VPN with a feature-packed yearly subscription, NordVPN’s Plus annual strategy at$5.49 is among the best. Hotspot Guard’s month-to-month prepare for $12.99 each month is likewise a bit costly but is on par with other VPNs’similar

monthly subscription. For those trying to find a more budget-friendly month-to-month VPN strategy, Proton VPN’s Plus regular monthly subscription at $9.99 is an excellent choice. Luckily, Hotspot uses a 45-day money-back warranty for both plans that will enable you to reimburse your payment if

you feel Hotspot Guard VPN isn’t an excellent fit. Of Hotspot Shield’s plans, I advise choosing the 7-day complimentary trial or the more economical annual plan. Hotspot Guard VPN Pros Quick efficiency and trusted connection. Up to 10 simultaneous device connections. Properly designed interface

. Integrated speed test. 7-day free trial. 45-day money-back warranty. Hotspot Guard VPN Cons Logs IP addresses and other information. Practices oppose no-logs policy. No longer provides unlimited

totally free variation. DNS Drip security is turned off by default. Costly plans. No OpenVPN procedure. Security: Hotspot

Guard VPN safe

  • ? Hotspot Shield does not included the OpenVPN security protocol– commonly considered as the most safe and secure VPN procedure. Rather, it features the speed-oriented WireGuard and IKEv2 (IPsec)procedures and its extremely own Hydra protocol that’s likewise constructed for speed.

Not having OpenVPN is a miss given

  • its high level of security.
  • It would’ve likewise provided users a procedure for
  • jobs that need more security and not simply speed.
  • For file encryption, Hotspot Shield has the gold-standard
  • AES-265 file encryption. It also features security against DNS leakages

    but this isn’t switched on by default– an odd choice considered that other VPNs have this switched on out of the box. It’s likewise not user-friendly; a newbie user might inadvertently leakage their data if they stop working to find the toggle. In my opinion, Hotspot Shield must have their DNS leakage defense turned on upon setup. Hotspot Guard claims to be a no-logs

    VPN, and they produce a yearly Openness Report to support the claim. However, it appears the most recent report was released in 2019. In addition, back in 2017, the Center for Democracy and Technology( CDT)filed a problem versus the Federal Trade Commission alleging that Hotspot Guard’s Free version logged user data, like incoming and outbound IP addresses and connection logs, and sold it to marketers despite its claims of being a no-logs VPN. Hotspot has changed ownership because and reiterated in a 2022 personal privacy notification that it”does not tape your VPN browsing activities in any method that can be associated back

    to you.” In the very same notification, however, Hotspot Shield makes it clear that it collects IP addresses to safeguard versus fraud and obtain non-identifiable items such as geographic place and info about the user’s internet service company. The VPN says that this is done to provide a better user experience

    . While I value Hotspot’s openness with their information collection, their no-logs policy is contradicted by its recording of IP addresses. If you’re trying to find a VPN with a cleaner no-logs policy backed by many third-party audits, ExpressVPN and NordVPN might be better for you. While Hotspot Guard can be thought about safe, it has locations of concern within its security functions and logging practices. Secret features of Hotspot Guard VPN Hotspot Shield’s 3 key features focus on speed and performance. Integrated speed test Hotspot Guard declares to be the “world’s”fastest VPN,”lining up a great deal of its functions towards speed. One of these functions is its speed test that’s developed right within the VPN’s primary dashboard. Figure B Hotspot Shield speedtest. Image

    : Hotspot Guard With the speed test tool, we get the standard download and upload speed readings, ping and packet loss data. It also provides users a history of speed tests currently carried out. If you’re the type of user who values speed, this is a terrific tool that will let you occasionally check your connection’s performance. It’s likewise going to work if you frequently experience spotty internet connection and desire an integrated tool to monitor speed.

    Split tunneling Hotspot Shield comes with two split tunneling functions: split tunneling apps and split tunneling websites. This permits users to select which apps or services they wish to path via a safeguarded VPN connection and which ones they wish to go through their routine ISP. Figure C

    Split tunneling on Hotspot Guard. Image: Hotspot Guard In my testing, Hotspot Guard’s split tunneling for apps worked as marketed; it had the ability to split my VPN connection based upon my picked apps. Regrettably, split tunneling

    for websites didn’t work as well; I taped DNS leaks on the site I had going through the VPN. If you intend on using Hotspot Guard’s split tunneling function, my screening revealed that its split tunneling for apps is the more safe choice. This can be advantageous for

    users who wish to save money on bandwidth or desire more speed for tasks that do not always need VPN defense. 10 gadget connections Figure D Hotspot device connections. Image: Hotspot Guard Hotspot Shield likewise enables 10 synchronised gadget connections, letting users safeguard several gadgets through a protected VPN connection. This is a subtle however essential function which will benefit users who use several laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones. Having 10 enabled connections is plenty, considering other VPNs normally provide only 6-8 connections. For instance, NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN just

    allow six

    Split tunneling on Hotspot Shield.and seven simultaneous device connections, respectively. Efficiency: Is Hotspot Guard VPN fast? Yes, Hotspot Shield VPN is a fast VPN, however, it wasn’t the fastest-performing VPN I have actually ever checked. My screening consisted of doing work in Google Office apps, having numerous tabs open for research, attending online

    video conferences and streaming 1080p YouTube videos. During my use, web pages packed rapidly and I didn’t experience any downturns with the VPN running. For speed tests, Hotspot Guard carried out truly well for downloads as it taped only a 19.45%drop in speed compared to my ISP.

    If your kind of workflow


    Hotspot device connections.downloading a lots of big files, Hotspot Shield

    can be an excellent pick. Its upload speed was less remarkable at a much greater 81.09 %drop in speed. In practice, though, I had no trouble publishing video files into Google Drive. When I first evaluated for DNS leakages, one leak appeared but I recognized the IP leakage security was off. Once turned on, Hotspot

    Shield tape-recorded zero DNS leakages after several tests. This is a location for improvement for Hotspot Shield as DNS leakage protection ought to preferably be running upon setup, especially for less tech-savvy users who might blindly trust the VPN to not leak their information. Hotspot Shield VPN Servers and

    places For its server suite, Hotspot Shield supplies 3,200+servers from around 85 countries and 112 locations. Its server network falls in the happy medium compared to other VPNs, with the average VPN having around 3,000 to 4,000 servers across more than 60 nations. Nevertheless, Hotspot Guard’s server network enables you to unclog a great quantity of geo-restricted material. If you’re searching for a bigger

    server suite, CyberGhost VPN is a good option with its more than 10,000 servers throughout 100 nations. Hotspot Guard has actually specialized streaming and video gaming servers, but it only offers specific server areas within the United States and the United

    Kingdom. If you’re not in any of these locations, it might be better to connect to a server location closer to you instead. I wish that it likewise included specialized servers

    for security or torrenting to provide much more alternatives to users, however having these streaming and video gaming servers are welcome inclusions to Hotspot Shield VPN’s server suite.

    Hotspot Guard VPN app experience Figure E Hotspot Shield’s Windows application. Image: Hotspot Shield I mostly utilized Hotspot Guard’s Windows desktop application on my laptop for this evaluation. In regards to in-app experience, Hotspot Shield’s desktop app is properly designed however is a bit unintuitive. Its server list does not reveal which locations or servers are specialized for streaming or gaming. To get to those servers, you have to go through some trial and error to discover that they can be found in either the United States or UK places. In addition, having the “Avoid IP Leak” button switched off by default must likewise be repaired.

    I liked its minimalist style and found its one-click on/off switch trustworthy. Is Hotspot Shield VPN worth it? While Hotspot Guard offers quick performance, 10 simultaneous gadget connections and a healthy server network, it lacks requisite security functions to be suggested as a top-tier VPN.

    Particularly, its questionable information logging prevents it from being a great choice for those looking for added security. I suggest Hotspot Guard if you’re just focused on speed and want to sometimes change your virtual place through its server list. Its integrated speed test may

    also work Hotspot Shield's Windows application.for those who want to quickly monitor their internet connection within the app itself. Alternatives to Hotspot Guard VPN If after this review you feel Hotspot Shield VPN isn’t for you, we have actually noted 3 strong alternatives that could be a much better fit. Image: NordVPN If security is your top concern, NordVPN needs to be on top of your list. It provides a strong

    portfolio of third-party screening, a variety of security-focused features and a healthy server network. It likewise uses quick efficiency and a properly designed desktop application.

We rated NordVPN a 4.7 out of 5 stars in our complete review. For more information, read our NordVPN review here.< img src=""alt="ProtonVPN icon.

“width=”180″height =”180″/ > Image: ProtonVPN For users searching for an unrestricted totally free VPN, ProtonVPN is one of the very best.

Its totally free version offers users with limitless information and no ads. Through its complimentary tier, you get access to servers from five countries on one gadget. It also runs on data-friendly Swiss laws that offer an extra layer of security for your data. We ranked ProtonVPN 4.0 out of 5 stars in our full review. To read more, read our ProtonVPN review here. Image: ExpressVPN If you want a no-nonsense VPN experience, you must offer ExpressVPN a shot. It has an instinctive and modern-looking desktop application that

uses an enjoyable user experience. On top of that, ExpressVPN offers excellent speed and efficiency and servers spread out across 105 countries. We ranked ExpressVPN 4.4 out of 5 stars in our complete review. To get more information, read our ExpressVPN evaluation here. Evaluation Methodology My evaluation of Hotspot Shield involved a thorough analysis of its essential functions and real-world performance. I had hands-on experience with Hotspot Shield through a one-month Premium plan on my Windows laptop computer.

ProtonVPN icon.To evaluate for download and upload speeds, I

used Ookla’s public Speedtest. For DNS leakage protection, I ran Hotspot Shield several times( with various servers)utilizing DNSLeakTest. I scored Hotspot Guard on various attributes, including its security features and cost, based on an internal algorithm to get a score of 3.5 out of 5 stars. I looked at Hotspot Guard both by itself and in relation to other VPNs in the market. Source

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