How do your employees feel about their work environment? Motivosity tells you


Develop a work culture of appreciation and connectedness with the staff member engagement platform Motivosity. Image: Motivosity A lot of business leaders will tell

you that managing quantifiable elements such as budgets, production schedules and deliverables is simpler than managing soft factors. The soft elements can put an organization and its management hip deep in each worker’s individual satisfaction and engagement. This requires a delicate alchemy, and Motivosity can help. Motivosity is all about the soft factors, which can make the distinction in between an employee who enjoys their task and workplace, and one who is trying to find greener pastures.

With Motivosity, companies can assist guarantee workers feel valued and appreciated every day, providing business with the very best opportunity to keep their most important skill. With its four-pronged method to streamlining the employer-employee vibrant, about 95%of employees engage with Motivosity once it’s presented. And, over half of employees later on reported higher task complete satisfaction scores under the Motivosity system. Employees are motivated to begin by simply being themselves. In Motivosity’s Connect area, they can develop their own social media-style profile, highlighting their interests and hobbies and even including pictures of family, good friends and pets. These profiles likewise allow colleagues to come together and chat about their shared likes and objectives. Using the Recognize function, that camaraderie elevates to new heights. This function permits coworkers to use praise to each other for acing a discussion, finishing a project with flying colors, or just making work a little easier each day. Workers can also back up that public acknowledgment with money, consisting of contributions to gift cards in the recipient’s name to dozens

of merchants including Walmart and Target. The Lead location enters into the basics of company performance through more reliable interaction. For instance, managers can establish individually meetings with staff member, share materials more quickly, and work together on goals and objectives so that work stays focused and headed towards a mutually agreed upon result. Motivosity likewise includes a host of methods for workers to let their company and its supervisors understand how they feel. For instance, administrators can field personalized studies and other outreach tools to evaluate how workers examine their business. Results are arranged into easy-to-follow reports, so management has real data on what employees like and do not.”I love the ability to offer my coworkers a little bonus offer for doing a good job or going out of

their method to help me,”Motivosity user Steven reported on business software application review site G2.”Everyone needs to know they are valued, and offering and getting Motivosity dollars is a spirits booster each time.”You can sign up for a totally free demo to have a look at what Motivosity offers and see how its employee engagement tools may work for your service. Costs subject to change. Source

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