How SMBs can make the most of the cloud– and prevent common errors


In our post-pandemic, digital world, little and medium-sized services (SMBs) have migrated to the cloud in droves to benefit from the same tools and efficiencies as massive enterprises. Still, according to Accenture, fundamental cloud adoption across all companies is at 44% worldwide, indicating there’s still an enormous opportunity for digital change in the cloud. So, what’s the hitch?Often, SMBs are interested in paying for more services than they require, securing and keeping the best talent, or the security of their data in the cloud. These are exactly the sort of considerations that must be leading of mind for SMB leaders.But, let’s flip the concern. What are you losing out on by sticking with legacy technology?Cloud computing offers the flexibility to scale effectively while decreasing costs, assisting SMBs unlock future growth opportunities, innovate faster, boost customer experiences, and generate new profits streams. Ultimately, the cloud has become a competitive benefit– the excellent equalizer for companies of all sizes– especially for SMBs.Sound too excellent to be real? Here are some examples of how SMBs utilize the cloud to their advantage.Advantages of cloud computing Lower and manage your IT costs Get the most from your data Innovate and build brand-new features faster Usage AI and artificial intelligence to boost customer experience Lower and manage your IT costs Naturally, the cloud is an effective tool for lowering expenses, getting rid of

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