How to check out books on a Chromebook


This illustration shows the Chrome logo. Image: Tada Images/Adobe Stock Movement must-reads A Chromebook and a web connection can serve as a website to countless books. Personnel and trainees in schools and universities that support Chromebooks are, no doubt, already aware of the abundance of fiction and nonfiction books they can read in Chromebook’s browser. Typically, an educational account or a public library card makes it possible for access to much more books.

But, curious specialists and students of any ages might also wish to check out e-books on a Chromebook. Free sources provide a surprising series of historic books on nonfiction organization and innovation topics along with timeless stories. Paid options, consisting of membership services, supply gain access to both to contemporary and curated content. So, open your Chromebook, sign in and explore each of the sources for books covered below.

Open door to books

Library sources

Your regional public library must be the top place to check out for digital book access. Typically, you’ll require to register for a free library card to gain access to e-books through sources such as cloudLibrary by Bibliotheca, hoopla or OverDrive— or OverDrive’s associated app, Libby.

These sources provide a vast array of popular basic interest fiction and nonfiction books, consisting of reasonably current offerings from lots of mainstream publishers. You might check out books from all three of these services either in the internet browser or an installed Android app from each service, respectively. The selection and loaning limitations might vary based upon terms worked out by your library system with each vendor.

Project Gutenberg

With a library of more than 60,000 books, Task Gutenberg stays one of the biggest and most significant collections of e-books. The project focuses on books that are older and no longer secured by U.S. copyright laws. As a result, a new wave of books tends to be offered each year.

Project Gutenberg is an excellent location to read notable literature and fiction. On a Chromebook, you may check out Job Gutenberg books either in HTML in the web browser or, if you choose, download and import an EPUB file to your favored EPUB reader app.

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Basic Ebooks

Standard Ebooks (Figure A, right) applies a high standard of format and review to a select set of publicly readily available books no longer safeguarded by U.S. copyright. As such, the offered books represent a small subset of the number of books readily available from other sources, such as Task Gutenberg.

However, if a book is available from both Job Gutenberg and Standard Ebooks, pick the one from Standard Ebooks due to the attention to detail. On a Chromebook, you might read Standard Ebooks either online or with any EPUB reader.

Figure A

This image shows Open Library and Standart Ebooks open in Chromebook browser. Image: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic. Open Library, left, lets you search and read available books online, including some offered via a short-term loan. Requirement Ebooks, right, delivers carefully formatted editions of content no

longer under copyright in the U.S. Google Books A straightforward search box on a Google Books assistance page assures the capability to read and download more than 10 million totally free books, consisting of books from Project Gutenberg and numerous others. For example, a search for “artificial intelligence” returns numerous complimentary books on the subject released recently. When you select to read a book in this way, the system displays the image of the scanned pages. As an outcome, there’s no ability to alter the font or font size.


With roots in the research-focused world of university systems, HathiTrust has a collection of countless digitized academic books and documents. Public gain access to permits you to browse and check out products deemed likely to be out of copyright, so if you look for to study historical academic documents this might be a highly useful resource.

If you have an affiliation with a member college or university, you may have the ability to check in with an institution-provided account that permits greater access to more products. Available documents display as scanned images by default, with the option to switch the display screen to plain text.

Web Archive

The Internet Archive includes a searchable repository of books and texts in a number of languages. The items consisted of are organized into three accessibility categories– constantly offered, borrow 2 week and providing library– and may be seen in the Chromebook browser.

Open Library

Another searchable resource for digital books, the Open Library (Figure A, left), looks for “to create one websites for every book ever published.” A free account allows you to temporarily have a look at a selected set of books for checking out online.

O’Reilly Open Books

O’Reilly Open Books offers access to a little set of technology-focused books. Much of these were released 10 or more years earlier, however the conceptual content remains appropriate. For instance, numerous of the books cover open-source software concepts and practices that still define and affect IT choices today.

Other totally free sources

Must you wish to check out more free resources, the Library of Congress offers a myriad of items that include not just e-books, however also all sorts of scanned historical publications, letters, music and other materials. And the Digital Town Library of America offers access to a variety of texts, images and media files together with books readily available through the Palace Bookshelf.

Paid or subscription access to books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books may be the most apparent for-pay service. If you’re already invested in either the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook e-book platforms, the procedure is likewise smooth. All three of these systems enable you to check out e-books in your Chromebook web browser.

Accessibility of books may vary. For instance, an e-book edition of “Imagining Google Cloud: 101 Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers and Architects” is readily available from both Google Play Books and Amazon (priced at $22 in both cases), but Barnes & Noble notes just the print edition.

Membership book services

Subscription book services deliver access to chosen books for a cost paid either monthly or every year. Just like a streaming membership, the value of a specific service depends upon how well the choice suits a reader’s interests:

  • Scribd: For $11.99 each month, Scribd lets you choose from a library of more than one million e-books– lots of from 5 of the largest book publishers– in addition to a choice of audiobooks and magazine and news short articles.
  • Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited: For $9.99 each month, Kindle Unlimited uses a library of more than 3 million e-books, lots of from individual and independent publishers, in addition to a choice of audiobooks and magazines.
  • Legendary: Subcribe to Legendary Unlimited for about $80 a year for access to more than 40,000 books planned for readers approximately 12 years of ages, with prepare for moms and dads, teachers and schools.
  • Perlego: For about $144 per year, customers, who may be students or ardent nonfiction readers, benefit from a library of more than one million academic and nonfiction works.

All these services let you read their books in Chromebook’s internet browser (Figure B).

Figure B

Shows Amazon and Perlego ebook access in Chromebook browser. Image: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic. Amazon’s Kindle Books (left) and Perlego (right) provide memberships to gain access to e-books.

Paid choices frequently assist in access to books. On a Chromebook, you may check out content from Amazon’s Kindle Books got with a payment, or access academic and nonfiction titles from Perlego with a membership.

Paid library e-book gain access to for nonresidents

Finally, a few town libraries make it possible for nonresidents to pay for access to digital collections. The Houston Town Library in Texas, the Orange County Library System in Florida and the Queens Town Library in New York all allow nonresidents to get a library card for fees that vary from $40 to $125 each year. This can be a rewarding way to get to e-books if you lack similar gain access to at your regional town library.


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