How to create a customized URL for a Notion Office


If you’re a Notion user, you might have a workspace that might gain from a custom URL. Jack Wallen reveals you how to make this occur.

Notion app icon on an iPhone. Image: Tada Images/Adobe Stock Idea is a great tool for organizing your thoughts and even handling little projects. Utilizing Offices, you can develop a specific place for particular concept categories or tasks.

Sadly, by default, those work spaces have random URLs, which will not do much in the way of your brand. For example, I have a Work area for a specific project, and Concept instantly called it glass-taker-a4a. The obtainable URL for that workspace would be glass-taker-a4a. That’s actually a redirect for another URL, however it works.

The issue is that you may not wish to provide such a URL to your organizations and even the public. Not just is it hard to remember, however it also not does anything for your brand.

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Fortunately, Notion makes it possible for you to alter the first section of the URL. Rather of glass-taker-a4a., we might have something like tr-project., which would in fact redirect to

What you’ll require to create a customized URL for a Notion Workspace

The only things you’ll need for this are a valid Notion account and a work area. That’s it: Let’s make the change.

How to alter the URL for your Concept Work area

Log in to your Concept account. This can be either by means of the web-based or desktop app version of the service.

Once you’ve logged in, choose the Work area you want to utilize. From within the Work space, click Settings & Members near the leading left corner of the window (Figure A).

Figure A

The Settings & Members option is easily accessible from within the Workspace. The Settings & Members alternative is quickly accessible from within the Work space. From the Settings & Members pop-up(Figure B ), click Settings, where you’ll see the

Domain entry The Domain entry listing within the Notion Settings window.noted. Figure B The Domain entry listing within the Idea Settings window. Type the domain you would like related to this workspace and Notion will verify if it’s readily available (Figure C).

Figure C

Our test URL is available for use. Huzzah! Our test URL is available for use. Huzzah! If it is, you’ll see a green Offered listed, and you are free to click Update to conserve the changes. With the modifications conserved, you can now access that job utilizing the custom-made URL. Anybody connected with the project or Workspace need to now have a much easier time remembering how to reach the Concept website for this work.

That’s all there is to set a customized URL for your Idea work area. You may think this an unimportant feature at first, but as you find yourself teaming up with a project, you and your partners will be thankful you made this modification.

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