How to customize the always-on screen for iPhone 14


Discover how to customize your always-on display on iPhone 14 to

Two users holding up iPhone 14s.match your desired preferences for the screen, consisting of turning the feature off totally. Image: Apple The iPhone 14 presented an always-on display screen that had actually been rumored for several years. The standard execution that released with this iPhone was less than stellar for lots of who were wishing for a great deal of personalization options, as the screen really left people searching for methods to disable it.

Apple responded in a software upgrade back in January that permitted more flexibility and personalization of the always-on display, including the ability to totally turn it off if preferred. We’ll have a look at these alternatives in this short article and reveal you how to personalize your iPhone 14’s always-on screen to your preference.

How to tailor your iPhone 14’s always-on screen

There are several alternatives that let you tailor the feel and look of your Lock Screen when the display screen is set to use always-on mode.

To discover and alter these personalization options, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Display & Brightness|Always On Show (Figure A).

Figure A

Setting your Lock Screen always-on display preferences is easy with iPhone 14. Setting your Lock Screen always-on display choices is easy with iPhone 14. From these alternatives, disabling the Always On Show choice will switch off the feature entirely and will return your iPhone to a pre-iPhone 14 Lock Screen that sleeps during its normal setting. This will decrease the extra battery pressure and boost battery life when not using the always-on screen.

If you choose to utilize the always-on screen, but don’t like showing a wallpaper or alerts, then you can turn those items off individually in this location as well.

Switching off the Show Wallpaper option will cause the display to utilize a black background. This looks extremely nice on the OLED screen and matches what other Android producers make with their always-on displays.

If you prefer to not have actually alerts revealed on the always-on display Lock Screen, then you can also disable the option for Program Notifications, which will keep inbound notifications from revealing on the screen when your phone remains in sleep mode with the always-on display.

These options go a long method to helping to tailor a function that released with no options, however we also wish to see extra ones available in iOS 17 later on this year.


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