How to develop a confetti celebration for a finished task in Trello


Include an automated, celebratory emoji when a task is finished in the Trello project management platform.

Group of business people celebrating and toasting with confetti falling in the office Image: BGStock72/Adobe Stock In Some Cases it’s the little things that can assist offer team members a boost when a job becomes significantly tough or busy. When confronted with that reality, anything you can provide yourself or your group to advise you of the little successes can assist encourage everybody to reach the project’s goal.

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Whenever any single job is completed, you’re one step closer to the goal. That must be reason enough to commemorate– even if only in the tiniest method. That’s why Trello has actually made it possible to establish a card such that when it lastly reaches its destination, there’s an apparent show of celebration.

This is an extremely simple trick that can provide your employee an obvious reason to celebrate. I’m going to show you how to add this clever little surge of confetti which may well lead to a few “Huzzahs!” every time a task is completed.

What you’ll need to add a confetti celebration to your Trello boards

The only things you’ll require to make this work are a legitimate Trello account and an emoji keyboard. Because I’ll be working on macOS, there’s currently an emoji keyboard built in. If you’re dealing with Windows 11, you’ll also discover an emoji keyboard built in to the system. Aside from that, you’re good to go.

How to include a confetti event to a Trello list

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You can include this feature to any list you want, however I would suggest holding it off for the Done list so there’s actually a factor to commemorate. Visit to your Trello account and open the board you want to work with.

Because board, click on the title of your Done list, or whatever title you’ve offered it. With the name of the title in edit mode, open your emoji keyboard and find among the following emoji:

In macOS, the shortcut to open the emoji keyboard is CTRL+CMD+SPACE. For Windows 11, the faster way is WINDOWS+PERIOD.

Now, this is essential. If you click and drag the emoji, it will create a new card with that emoji as its title. Instead, with the title of the list in edit mode, single-click one of the above emoji on your keyboard (Figure A) and await it to appear in the title.

Figure A

The macOS emoji keyboard in action.

When the emoji appears, hit Enter upon your keyboard to save the modifications.

With the emoji contributed to the list title, anyone that drags a card into that list will experience a rain of confetti on their screen.


No, this will not straight make your teams more efficient, but giving them a factor to celebrate can help increase the spirits of your teams and help them celebrate the little wins for a huge project.

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