How to develop a mind map in Taskade


< img src="" alt ="" > A mind map is a terrific tool for event and understanding ideas. Learn how to add this view in

Close-up Of A Human Hand Drawing Mind Map On Placard Over Desk At Workplacethe Taskade task management application. Image: Andrey_Popov/ Shutterstock Best business software application Often thoughts come at me like they were tossed out of a twister. When that happens, the typical task management tools are of no aid. Why? Because those thoughts are often random and aren’t all set for public or group intake.

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It’s throughout those periods that I need to lean into a mind map. If you’ve never experienced a mind map, consider it as such: A mind map is a free-flow diagram that is utilized to visually arrange thoughts into a hierarchy that reveals the relationship of each believed as it relates to the entire. Mind maps are incredibly helpful tools to help you get your ideas in order.

Not all task or task management tools use a mind map feature. Taskade happens to be one service that does provide the mind map function, and I wish to reveal you how to add this view to your office.

What you’ll require to include a mind map to Taskade

The only things you’ll require for this are a legitimate Taskade account and a previously produced Work area. You can use either a complimentary or paid Taskade account, as the function is offered to both.

How to develop a mind map in Taskade

Something to consider with mind maps is that they are either produced from your existing Project Board, or you can develop one with sample aspects. The only method to develop an empty mind map is to create a brand-new job, from which you can then start constructing your mind map.

In other words, if you include a mind map view for an existing project, it will be instantly occupied with the cards from your board.

I want to show you how to develop an empty mind map. To do this, open the Taskade app and select the Work space you wish to use. Once in the work space, click + New Job (Figure A).

Figure A

The side bar menu in Taskade featuring New Project and a section for Projects with TR, Mind Map, and Project Board listed underneath Producing a new task

in an existing Taskade office. Empty name field for a project in TaskadeYou will be triggered to call the new task(

Figure B). Figure B Mind map view in TaskadeCalling our new Taskade job. Provide the task a name,

and then, click the Mind Map icon in the top center toolbar (Figure C ). Figure C We have actually called our job, and now we’ll open the

Mind Map view. As soon as you An empty mind map in Taskadeclick the Mind Map view, you will see the very first card you created, that includes the task name and a button labeled+ Add Block( Figure D). Figure D Our mind map is ready to develop. The first thing you’ll do is include material to the first block in white. As soon as you’ve done that, click either the blue right-pointing arrow to add another block in relation to the very first, or click Include Block to develop a new block, which can be in the form of a checklist, a bulleted list, a numbered list or a paragraph (Figure E

The + Add Block menu open in Taskade). Figure E Creating a brand-new block for your mind

map in Taskade. Continue structure your mind map till you’re satisfied. You can develop it out as large and intricate as you like. When you’re done, you can share it and even view the mind map as a board, list, calendar, or action.

An effective view for effective thoughts

Ideas have power and in some cases need a view that isn’t rather as structured as kanban, list, or calendar views offer. When you’re attempting to collect those effective or imaginations, the mind map is an outstanding method that can help you start the process of preparation and/or drawing up your jobs.

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