How to display upgraded Windows 11 system information with BgInfo


With the assistance of the complimentary energy app BgInfo, you don’t have to remember all of your Windows 11 system details since it will constantly be offered on your desktop.

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. As a practical matter, it is difficult to keep in mind specific software and hardware information concerning your personal computer, especially if the PC is a couple of years of ages. The precise CPU, network adapter, or variation of Windows 11 we are using is simply not information most of us remember and are all set to recite when asked. Yet this is simply the sort of info that is frequently crucial for identifying your system and troubleshooting problems.

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The task of identifying systems and the hardware and software presently in use can be accomplished merely and easily with an app called BgInfo, which belongs to the Sysinternals suite of energy applications easily offered from Microsoft. By running BgInfo and making a few decisions on which details you wish to show, you can overlay essential system info on your Windows 11 desktop background image where it can be seen at any time.

How to display updated Windows 11 system details with BgInfo

Figure A shows you an eliminated of a standard Windows 11 desktop. Note that the current variation is blank and without system details.

Figure A

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Download BgInfo from the Sysinternals site and extract the contents of the ZIP file into the C: Windows System32 folder. You need to have 2 brand-new files in that folder, as displayed in Figure B.

Figure B

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. When you run BgInfo, you will be presented with a configuration screen that you can utilize to alter the default settings, as shown in Figure C. Under the majority of situations the default settings will be appropriate, but you may adjust to fit your requirements.

Figure C

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Once you are satisfied with your configuration settings, click the OK button. Now, when you look at the Windows 11 desktop, you will see your system details included into your Windows 11 desktop background image, as displayed in Figure D.

Figure D

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. As an option to downloading BgInfo, you may run the application directly from the Sysinternals Live site. Navigate to the BgInfo page and scroll down to the link shown in Figure E. When you click it, you will run BgInfo remotely.

Figure E

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic.

BgInfo can likewise be run from the command trigger with numerous criteria and changes used. The switches allow you to save system information into a setup file, a popup overlay or onto the Windows 11 taskbar as a user available icon. The available configuration specifications consist of:

  • : Defines the name of a configuration file to use for the current session.
  • / timer: Defines the timeout worth for the countdown timer, in seconds. Specifying zero will update the screen without showing the configuration dialog. Defining 300 seconds or longer disables the timer altogether.
  • / popup: Causes BGInfo to produce a popup window including the set up details without upgrading the desktop.
  • / silent: Suppresses error messages.
  • / taskbar: Causes BGInfo to position an icon in the taskbar’s status area without updating the desktop. Clicking the icon causes the set up details to appear in a popup window.
  • / all: Specifies that BGInfo ought to alter the wallpaper for any and all users presently visited to the system.
  • / log: Causes BGInfo to compose mistakes to the defined log file rather of creating a caution dialog box.
  • / rtf: Causes BGInfo to write its output text to an RTF file. All formatting details and colors are consisted of.

By default, BgInfo changes your present Windows 11 desktop background with a brand-new one. Nevertheless, by changing the default configuration settings, you can have BgInfo utilize the existing background image and change it with a version upgraded with your system information. The original image will still be undamaged on your system if you want to change back.

Positioning a faster way to BgInfo into your Start-up folder will update the Windows 11 system info each time the system is booted, so it will always display the most recent info. Constantly offered and up to date system information on your desktop could be available in helpful when you are attempting to troubleshoot.


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