How to enable the Docker checkpoint function to take pictures of your running containers


Find out how to switch on the Docker checkpoint function for running container snapshots with this quick tutorial from expert Jack Wallen.

In a recent TechRepublic video, Jack Wallen demonstrates how to enable the Docker checkpoint function to take photos of your running containers to conserve a state for backup or later use. The following is a modified records of his tutorial.

Initially, you should include the repository for the CRIU package with the following command: SUDU add-apt-repository ppa: criu/ppa.

Update APT with this command: sudo apt-get update.

Then set up CRIU with this command: sudo apt-get install criu -y.

Next, we need to allow Docker speculative functions.

First, develop a new file with the command sudo nano/ etc/docker/daemon. json.

Because file, add the following: “Speculative”: true. Conserve and close the file.

Reboot the Docker Daemon with sudo systemctl restart docker.

Release an NGINX container with the command docker run– name nginx-checkpoint -p 8005:80 -d nginx.

Develop the checkpoint with this command: docker checkpoint create– leave-running=real nginx-checkpoint checkpoint.

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