How to find your Windows 11 item secret: 3 easy approaches


Discovering the physical place of your Windows 11 product key can be problematic. However, with just a few commands, your item secret can be revealed with no hassles.

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The physical area of your Windows item secret is typically situated on a sticker put in difficult-to-reach areas on your PC. However, with a couple of commands and a little know-how, you can use the os to reveal your Windows 11 item key. The total methods for finding an item key are practically the like they were for Windows 10, however there are subtle differences.

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This how-to tutorial will update how to discover your Windows 11 item secret utilizing the operating system itself and not by depending on the sticker label put haphazardly somewhere on your PC.

3 simple ways to discover your Windows 11 item secret

Be forewarned: These techniques are best used for Windows 11 computer systems running the OS given that purchase or for Windows 10 PCs upgraded to Windows 11 through the patch process. The product secrets for enterprise PCs are dispersed in a different way and might not be revealed utilizing these techniques.

1. Use the command prompt in Windows 11

The most direct method for finding your Windows 11 item secret is from the command line. Open the Windows 11 search tool and type “command.” Discover command prompt (Figure A) in the search results page and click the Run As Administrator link to reach the command prompt screen.

Figure A

Type or paste this command at the timely and push the Enter key: wmic course softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey The command will

reveal your original Windows 11

product key right there on the command timely screen. 2. Use PowerShell in Windows 11 If you would choose to utilize PowerShell, the procedure is comparable, however the commands are different. Open the Windows 11 search tool and type”powershell.”Find PowerShell in the search results page(Figure B )and click the” Run As


“link. Figure B At the PowerShell timely, type or paste this command, then press Go into: powershell”(Get-WmiObject-inquiry ‘choose * from SoftwareLicensingService’). OA3xOriginalProductKey”

The command will expose your initial Windows 11 item essential right there on the PowerShell prompt screen.

3. Use the Computer Registry File in Windows 11

The Windows 11 item key is saved in the Windows Computer Registry File, so it is possible to discover the product key there if you browse to the best location. Open the Windows 11 search tool and type “regedit.” Select the Computer system registry Editor application from the outcomes and click the “Run As Administrator” link. Using the left-hand windowpane in the editor, browse to this key:

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion SoftwareProtectionPlatform

As you can see in Figure C, the BackupProductKeyDefault key will expose a legitimate Windows 11 item key. (Note, this secret may be different than the essential exposed by the command timely or PowerShell.)

Figure C

Exit out of the Windows registry Editor when you are finished.

There are third-party suppliers using applications which can find and show your Windows 11 product secret for you, but the strategies discussed above seem to suggest those apps may not be worth the problem or the potential security concerns. Also, keep in mind that if you purchased Windows 11 from the Microsoft Shop, your account order history will also have product essential info offered.


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