How to fix automated time syncing in Windows 11


Repairing the automatic time syncing system in Windows 11 requires a deep dive into the Control Panel and possibly access to the command timely.

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic By default, Windows 11 is expected to automatically upgrade and synchronize the internal system clock for your computer. However, often that automated process is interrupted or corrupted and after that stops working. While the service can be restarted and the problem repaired, Microsoft did not make the procedure as instinctive as they should have. SEE: Google Work space vs. Microsoft 365: A side-by-side analysis w/checklist(TechRepublic Premium)There are three various approaches for rebooting

the automated time sync service in Windows 11. The techniques are comparable for Windows 10. Each approach gets a little more made complex as you resolve the troubleshooting process. If the very first technique does not do the technique, the second or the third need to accomplish the task. Repair automatic time syncing in Windows 11 A stopping working time syncing process in Windows 11 might merely be a short-lived problem with the service itself. For this circumstance, you can simply change the service your PC is utilizing. Nevertheless, the default time and date settings are not going to assist us, we need to access the all the time settings directly from the Control Panel, which includes a deep dive through lots of settings screens. Fixing with the Control Panel Open the Windows 11

desktop search tool, type “control panel”and then

pick the suitable entry in the search engine result. In the Control board, click or tap the Clock And Region item, and then click the Set The Time And Date link. Now, click the Web Time tab to reach the combination of screens shown in Figure A. Figure A Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic

. Finally, click the Change settings button on the Web Time tab to expose the screen shown in Figure B. From there, you can alter the synchronization service and after that click the Update now button. Click OK when completed. Figure B Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Must-read Windows coverage There ought to be two service choices, so altering the synchronization from one service to the other need to repair the issue and upgrade the system time.


if that does not work, we can proceed to

repairing approach number two.

Repairing with the Providers application Open the Windows 11 desktop search tool, type” services”and then choose the Services app entry in the search results page. Scroll down the Providers app screen, shown in Figure C, until you discover the Windows time entry.

Figure C Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Double-click the Windows time entry from the list to expose Figure D. From this page we are going to Stop and Start

the service at the system level, which in theory resets the service and removes whatever corruption is preventing it from working properly. Figure D Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Initially, press the Stop button, and when that procedure is complete, push the Start button. Click the OK button when you are completed

with this screen and then Exit from the Providers app. This technique needs to reset the service and resolve the issue. Fixing with the command prompt The 3rd troubleshooting method for repairing automated time syncing process in Windows 11

is essentially the same as method 2, only

the stopping and beginning is performed from the command prompt. Open the Windows 11 desktop search tool, type”command timely “and after that choose the Run as administrator entry from the search results.

From the timely, type this set of commands, as displayed in Figure E. net stop w32time w32tm/ unregister w32tm/ register net start w32time Figure E

Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic. Exit out of the command prompt when you complete the procedure. Using one or a mix of these repairing approaches, you ought to have the ability to reboot and restore the Windows 11

automatic time synchronization service, which will ensure your system

time is always approximately date and accurate. Source

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