How to incorporate GitHub with Trello for more effective job management


Specialist Jack Wallen’s video tutorial supplies you with detailed guidelines on incorporating GitHub with Trello.

In a current TechRepublic video, Jack Wallen demonstrated how to incorporate GitHub with Trello. The following is an edited transcript of his tutorial.

If you utilize GitHub as your code repository and version control system, you may be thinking about incorporating it with your Trello job management tool. Let’s learn how it’s done.

Initially, log in to your Trello account and then pick the board you wish to use with GitHub.

Click Power-Ups near the leading center of the board’s window, and after that click Add Power-Ups. In the search field, type GitHub, and struck enter upon your keyboard.

Click Include connected with the GitHub Power-Up, and after that click Settings.

Click License Account from the Settings dropdown, and after that, click Link GitHub Account. In the resulting window, type your username or email address followed by the password for your GitHub account. Click Sign In, and when prompted, click Authorize Trello.

Close the Power-Ups window. Now, when you modify a card, you’ll see the GitHub button noted under Power-Ups, where you can attach a branch, commit, an issue or a poll demand.

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