How to link Slack and Trello Workspaces for more effective collaboration


If you utilize both Slack and Trello, why not link those 2 together to take pleasure in a more effective workflow? Find out how.

Homepage of trello website on the display of PC, url - Image: mehaniq41/Adobe Stock Are you a Slack and Trello user? Would not you love it if you could incorporate the two so your workflow could be made more efficient? Excellent news– you can.

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With this feature, you’ll immediately be sent out notices when a card has been developed so you can then take fast action. Slack Workspace members can also choose to self-join the Trello work space.

To get notices on Slack about modifications to cards and boards, you’ll likewise have to allow a Trello Power-Up. We’ll take care of both of these tasks here.

What you’ll need to link Slack and Trello

To make this work, you’ll need legitimate Slack and Trello accounts. You can use the Free Trello account, however to get all the Slack functions, you’ll need a paid Trello account. With the paid account, you’ll gain the following functions:

  • Workspace membership limitations
  • Board production restrictions
  • Sharing boards with visitors
  • Slack workspace limitations

Let’s make this connection.

How to link Slack and Trello

The very first thing to do is log in to both Slack and Trello. When you’ve done that, open the office in Trello you want to connect to Slack and after that click the Settings drop-down. From the drop-down, select Work space Settings (Figure A).

Figure A

Accessing the Workspace Settings in Trello. Accessing the Office Settings in Trello.

From the Office Connecting Trello to Slack from within the Trello Workspace Settings window.Settings window(Figure B), click Add To Slack. Figure B Linking Trello to Slack from within the Trello Work area Settings window. You will then be triggered to permit the connection and permissions.

When triggered, click Enable both times, and the connection is all set. How to include the

Slack Power-Up to Trello Next, we require to include the Slack Power-Up to Trello. For that, open a Board in your Work space and click Power-Ups near the top of your board. Next, click Include Power-Ups from the drop-down menu. In the resulting window, look for Slack and click Include for the associated Power-Up (Figure C).

Figure C

Installing the Slack Power-Up for a Trello board. Setting Up the Slack Power-Up for a Trello board. You need to now see a Slack button at the top of the board(Figure D). Figure D The Slack Power-Up has been effectively contributed to our Trello board. Click the Slack button. You can now choose a channel to send out notices to and configure Trello actions that can be sent to the Slack channel(Figure E). Figure E Setting Up the Slack Connection in Trello. When you’ve set up the informs, click Done. You’ll now begin seeing those notifies

sent to the Slack channel you’ve set up. You can take action if needed. A much easier workflow If you’re aiming to simplify your workflow in between Trello and

Slack, this is an excellent

method to do it. Not just will you see notifications for Trello cards in Slack, however you can also do something about it for those alerts. This is a great method to make your work easier not just for you but for anybody on the Slack channel with access to Trello. Register for TechRepublic’s How To Make Tech Deal With YouTube for all the most recent tech suggestions for business

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