How to Modification Your VPN Location (A Step-by-Step Guide)


Whether you are wanting to change the place of your virtual personal network for personal privacy, security or geolocation issues, you can do so quickly utilizing a VPN service. Let’s dive directly into the essentials and the detailed guides for computers, macOS, Windows, Android and iPhone to assist you alter the location of your VPN.

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Can I alter area without a VPN?

The primary concern many users have is whether they require a VPN service to change their area. The response is Yes.

In theory, advanced users and businesses can alter the location of a VPN manually, however this requires having another network available to them with a different location. Windows, macOS, Android and iPhone do not permit direct VPN location changes without network details, nor do they use integrated VPN features. These running systems focus on offering safe and secure connections to pre-configured VPNs.

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How to alter the VPN location on your computer system?

To change the VPN location on your computer, you can follow fairly straightforward steps. These will differ somewhat depending on the operating system of your gadget.

Modification VPN location on macOS and Windows

Let’s break down the actions to alter the VPN location for macOS and Windows users. While these two operating systems do not generally share the same step-by-step guides, when it pertains to VPN, the process of changing the area for both OS is identical.

Follow these simple actions to change the VPN place on Windows or Mac:

  1. Download VPN: If you have no VPN service, start by downloading a relied on (free or paid) VPN service. Popular VPNs consist of Surfshark, NordVPN, PrivadoVPN, TunnelBear, Proton VPN, ExpressVPN and others. Ensure the app is available in the Apple Store.
  2. Install and open the app: Follow the setup directions and release the VPN app.
  3. Sign in (if required): Some free or paid VPNs may require you to sign in with your account qualifications.
  4. Select a place: The VPN app need to display a list of offered server places. Select your desired area. (Free VPNs may have limitations on location choices compared to paid strategies.)
  5. Connect to VPN: Click the “Connect” button or similar alternative within the app.
  6. When your connection is developed, your location and your IP will change (Figure A).
  7. To change your VPN area and IP once again, simply connect to another country in your VPN app.

Figure A

ProtonVPN Screenshot of list of countries and map of available VPN locations. ProtonVPN Screenshot connected to U.S., free area, list of nations and map of readily available VPN places. Keep In Mind: Free VPN providers tend to offer free areas on every continent, with complete lists of places opened with paid subscriptions. Another simple method to alter the place of the VPN is to use the Tor internet browser– a safe privacy-focused internet browser that allows users to alter locations, bypass guardrails and hide their IP addresses.

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Change VPN area on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others

Due to the lack of integrated tools, web browsers can only change the VPN place utilizing a dependable VPN app. To change the place of your web browser, follow the steps noted above. The steps described above will likewise use to Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers.

Remember that changing the VPN on a web browser will impact your default geolocation, and while this might open content limited by nations, it will likewise impact your web experience. For example, if you select to alter your place to Japan, your browser might return web searches, and display material in Japanese language.

Note that going to chrome:// settings/content/location will not change your IP or VPN location, as this feature was created to block or permit websites from requesting your area, depending on your preference (Figure B).

Figure B

Adjusting the Chrome settings does not change your VPN location or IP address. Screenshot.

Going to Chrome, Settings, Content and Location does not change your VPN location or IP address. Developers’tools, like those discovered in the Chrome Developers panel, can not be utilized to change VPN or IP places. These tools are only implied for developers to check their products in various regions but do not alter an IP address or a VPN place.

How to change the VPN place on your iPhone and Android?

Neither iPhone (iOS) or Android devices provide integrated VPN functions. Similarly, as we mentioned with computer systems, to change the VPN location on your iPhone or Android device, users will require to download a relied on VPN service and install it on the phone.

To change the VPN place on your iPhone or Android, follow these steps:

  1. Download a VPN app hosted in the Apple Store or Android Play Shop
  2. Introduce the VPN app.
  3. Create an account and check in (Figure C).

Figure C

Screenshot sign-up page of NordVPN. Screenshot sign-up page NordVPN. Pick an area. The app needs to show a list of offered server areas. These areas are typically shown on a worldwide map, noted by nation, city and even specific server names. Select your desired place (Figure D).

Figure D

Screenshot of VPN location map of NordVPN.

  • Screenshot. VPN area map NordVPN. Click Link or Quick Connect.
  • The VPN app will trigger a Connection Demand, click okay or Allow(Figure E). Figure E Screenshot. NordVPN asking for Android permissions. The app will display a connection status

  • once it’s successfully connected to the VPN server( Figure F). Figure F< img src=""alt="Screenshot of NordVPN connection developed." width="351"height= "800"/ > Screenshot of NordVPN connection established. Keep in mind that totally free VPNs frequently have constraints on available places compared to paid memberships. For this detailed guide we used Norton Secure VPN, however the steps are precisely

    the same (or extremely similar)if you are using another popular VPN app. These steps work on Android and iOS gadgets. SEE: The 7 Best iPhone VPNs( Suggested for 2024) (TechRepublic)More cloud security coverage Difficulties and benefits

    : Why change your VPN place Altering the VPN area brings both advantages

    and issues. It is essential to balance

    these out. The majority of the challenges associated with VPNs are related to their efficiency, which tends to be slower than regular, specifically on smart devices and mobile devices. Nevertheless, this efficiency will vary depending on what VPN suppliers you are utilizing. On the other hand, using VPNs has numerous advantages. With VPNs, users can: Bypass geo-restrictions: Gain access to content that might be obstructed in your area, like streaming services or websites.

    Enhanced personal privacy: Mask your IP address and area, making it harder for sites and trackers

  • to monitor your online activity. Enhanced security: Encrypt your web traffic on public Wi-Fi networks, securing your information from spying eyes. Potential cost savings: Access offers or subscriptions with much better prices depending upon the virtual place.
  • Challenges linked to VPNs consist of: Slower speeds: Connection speeds may be slower when routing traffic through a remote VPN server
  • . Restricted server options: Free VPNs frequently have limitations on server locations compared to paid subscriptions.
  • Unreliable connections:

    • Some free or low-grade VPNs may have undependable connections that drop regularly.
    • Logging practices: Watch out for VPN services that log your activity, potentially jeopardizing your privacy.
    • Legal limitations: Utilizing a VPN may break terms of service for certain sites or services
    • . Inspect the legalities in your region. SEE: 5 Best VPNs for Android in 2024( TechRepublic )Are VPNs legal? The answer to
    • this concern is not entirely black and white, however rather beings in a gray area. For instance, utilizing a VPN in some nations may

    be legal, but VPNs may breach the regards to services of a site. Numerous users wish to use VPNs to mask their location and stream online material

    on sites like Netflix or

    Amazon Prime. Nevertheless, not only will most VPNs not work for this operation, but making use of VPNs might result in the termination of your account. In addition, utilizing a VPN while doing unlawful activities is likewise punishable by law, this includes downloading copyrighted content or engaging in hacking while using a VPN. Are VPNs legal in all nations? Typically, utilizing a VPN to encrypt your web traffic and safeguard your privacy is legal in many countries, including the

    United States, Canada and most of Europe. Nevertheless, other countries have constraints or outright bans on VPN use. These nations often have broader censorship or constraints on internet access

    . Examples consist of China, Russia and

    Belarus. And even in countries where VPNs are legal, there may be particular guidelines on using them. SEE: Strength and Dictionary Attacks: A Guide for IT Leaders( TechRepublic Premium )It’s important to check regional laws, choose a credible VPN supplier that provides a clear no-logs policy to ensure your personal privacy is safeguarded, and know the exceptions to the guideline. Conclusion This guide explores how to change your VPN place on different devices and browsers. It likewise went over the benefits and difficulties connected with utilizing a VPN. Remember, utilizing a VPN can improve your personal privacy and security online, however it’s essential to pick a respectable service and be aware of potential legal ramifications. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION 1. Can I alter my VPN

    place without a VPN service? No, you can not change your VPN location without a dedicated VPN app or software application. Neither macOS, Windows, Android or iOS offer built-in

    VPN functions. Alternatively, you can utilize a privacy-focused web internet browser like Tor Internet browser. 2. How do I change the VPN location on my computer system? Download a relied on VPN app, install it, choose a desired location from the app’s server list, and link. 3. How do I change the VPN area on my iPhone or Android? Similar to computer systems, download a


    app from the app store, launch it, sign in (if needed

    ), pick a place and link. 4. Are VPNs legal? Generally, using a VPN is legal in a lot of nations. Nevertheless, some nations have limitations, and utilizing a VPN for unlawful activities is constantly illegal.

    Furthermore, VPNs might break the regards to services of different sites, such as streaming platforms. 5. Will altering my VPN location affect my browsing experience? Yes, it may

    . For example, search results page and websites could be shown in

    the language of your selected place. Source

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