How to move FaceTime calls in between devices in iOS 16


FaceTime has actually transformed mobile interaction, and in iOS 16, Apple is allowing users to easily change calls as needed to any FaceTime compatible gadget.

African-American businessman holding Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Image: Prostock-studio/Adobe Stock We’ve all been there: The never-ending FaceTime call that you need to take for a meeting, but when you need to leave the workplace, you recognize that you accepted the call on your computer system. In iOS 16, Apple has an answer to this issue by enabling users to hand off their calls to another gadget in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

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Currently this function just works on iPhone devices running iOS 16 unless you have other gadgets that are running betas of macOS Ventura or iPadOS 16. The function will be pertaining to iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura later on this year in a software upgrade available to a lot of iPads and Mac gadgets.

How to allow FaceTime transfers

To allow this feature, a couple of things need to be established appropriately– they must be made it possible for by default, however if you’re having issues, validate this details. In the Settings app|FaceTime, inspect the You Can Be Reached At Section to ensure that all of your gadgets reveal the exact same details as on the gadget to which you want to hand cancels. In addition, the device that you’re calling from and the device to which you’re transferring should be running a version of iOS 16 or newer.

How to move FaceTime calls between gadgets

The banner that appears with the call info and switch button when you try to transfer the call to another gadget.

To move a continuous call to another device, perform these steps:

  1. Unlock the device to which you wish to move the call.
  2. Tap either the notice that appears on the second device specifying Move Call To This Device or tap the FaceTime icon in the upper left hand corner of the Home Screen.
  3. In the sneak peek that appears, ensure that the video camera, microphone and audio settings are set the way you desire them, then press the Change button in the appearing dropdown.

When the call switches to the new device, the old gadget will get a banner that shows the call has been moved, with the alternative to bring the call back to the original device. Your connected Bluetooth headset will likewise match to the brand-new gadget, permitting you to continue talking with minimal interruption.


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