How to move from an iPhone to an Android phone


< img src ="" alt="" > A Google app called Change To Android tries to ease the jump from iOS An iPhone and an Android phone on a table.. Image: Rokas/Adobe Stock You’re switching from an iPhone to an Android phone and want to move key data such as contacts, pictures, videos, mail accounts and calendar events. One method to do this is through a Google app for iOS called Switch To Android. SEE: iCloud vs. OneDrive: Which is finest for Mac, iPad and iPhone users? (complimentary PDF) (TechRepublic)

By running Switch To Android on your iPhone, you can choose the material you wish to migrate. The app also strolls you through the steps of disabling iMessage on your iPhone so that any new text messages are sent out to your Android device.

What you’ll need to switch from iOS to Android

Must-read Apple protection

There is one secret requirement for using Switch To Android: Your Android phone should be running Android 12 or greater. This should not be an issue if you’re dealing with a brand-new gadget.

If you’re relocating to a Samsung phone particularly, you need to also know that Samsung uses its own changing tool called Smart Switch.

How to switch from an Apple to Android phone

Initially, download and set up the Switch To Android app on your iPhone. The app will not appear in any searches within Apple’s App Store, so make sure to use this link to see its page directly.

Next, open the app, accept the terms and click Start. Offer the app access to your phone’s camera. You’re then asked to scan a QR code on your Android gadget (Figure A).

Figure A

After downloading and allowing camera access, you are then asked to scan a QR code on your Android device. Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic Start the setup procedure on your brand-new

Android phone. Eventually, you’ll see a screen asking if you wish to copy apps and data. Tap Next. On the next screen, you’ll be asked if you want to use your old gadget– either an Android phone or an iPhone Tap Next.. Tap Next(Figure B). Figure B Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic You now have the alternative of linking the two phones through a physical cable. That’s definitely faster than going wireless; use a cable television if possible.

If no cable television is handy, tap the link for No Cable television and then confirm that you want to copy without cable television. The next screen verifies that you want to move the date wirelessly. Tap the choice that reads: “Switching from iPhone or iPad.”

The next screen asks you to allow access to neighboring gadgets. Tap Permit (Figure C).

Figure C

The next screen asks you to allow access to nearby devices. Tap Allow. Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic You will then be

triggered to add your Google account to copy calendar occasions. Tap Next. Check in with your Google username and password, and consent to the terms. Then place your old iPhone to scan the QR code displayed on the Android phone.

On your iPhone, tap Sign up with when the app asks to join the direct WiFi network (Figure D).

Figure D

On your iPhone, tap Join when the app asks to join the direct WiFi network. Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic After the devices connect, the next screen asks which content you want to copy from your iPhone– contacts, calendar events, pictures and/or videos. Shut off the switch for any material you don’t want to copy; otherwise all the items will be transferred

. Tap Continue and provide the app the essential consents to access the content. The next screen shows that the information is being copied (Figure E).

Figure E

Tap Continue and give the app the necessary permissions to access the content. The next screen indicates that the data is being copied. Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic You’re then prompted to turn off iMessage on your phone if you want new text messages to be sent to your Android phone. Follow the actions to do this in Settings. Next, you can copy your images and videos from iCloud, assuming you utilize the service. If so, tap the button for Start request.

The app then suggests that you’re all done. Continue and complete the setup on your Android phone (Figure F).

Figure F

Continue and complete the setup on your Android phone. Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic After the setup is ended up, inspect the contacts, calendar occasions and pictures on your Android phone to make sure that the required data was

moved from your iPhone (Figure G). Figure G Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic Learn more useful tutorials for the iPhone and iPad here: How to modify pictures and how to use the most recent Siri includes. Source

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