How to produce a Trello card through e-mail


Learn how to develop a Trello card for task management by sending out an email to your account

Home page of Trello - project management application.. Image: Julio Ricco/Adobe Stock Trello is hands down my favorite kanban solution. Not just since of how easy it is to create and use reliable boards, but since of how many functions it includes. Even with the complimentary account, you’ll find more bells and whistles than you’ll ever probably use.

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One very helpful function found in Trello is the ability to send out an e-mail to a board to instantly create a brand-new card. This is exceptionally useful when you’re on the go or invest more time in your e-mail application than Trello itself. I have actually started utilizing this function and it’s significantly simplified my workflow.

What you’ll need to produce a Trello card from an email

The only things you’ll require for this are valid Trello and email accounts. It does not matter what e-mail service you are utilizing, and it doesn’t matter if you’re utilizing a totally free or paid Trello account.

How to locate your board email address

The very first thing you should do is find your board email address. To do this, log into Trello and browse to the board in question. From there, click the three-dot menu and after that click More.

From the new menu (Figure A), click Email-to-board settings, which will reveal the email address you are to utilize to send an email to the board in question.

Figure A

Accessing a Trello board's email address.

Accessing a Trello board’s e-mail address. The e-mail address

will look something like this: [email protected]!.?.! It’s a complicated e-mail address, so you need to most likely develop a contact with an easy-to-remember alias.

Now that you have the email address, let’s see how those emails are created.

How to produce a Trello board from an email

The essential aspect of this function is knowing what pieces of the email map to the card fields. Here’s how it works out:

  • The Topic of the e-mail is the card’s title.
  • The Body of the email is the card’s description.
  • Any attachments are automatically added to the card.
  • Labels can be included the topic in the kind of #label. It is necessary to know you can not have a space in a label. Rather of #To Do, you would wish to utilize #ToDo or #To _ Do.
  • Members can be contributed to the subject through the @username format. Trello will remove the username out of the subject and include them as members to the card.

For instance, you might send the following email to your board address:

Subject: This is my new card #TechRepublic @jackwallen

Body: I’m writing a post entitled “Jack Wallen reveals you how to develop a Trello card by sending out an e-mail to your account.”

Attachment: Screenshots

As soon as you send out the email, the card will appear on the board in a few seconds and must appear precisely as you ‘d expect (Figure B).

Figure B

My Trello task card from an email was successfully created. My card from an e-mail was successfully created. When you utilize labels, bear in mind the label need to currently exist. If the label does not exist in your Trello board, it will stay in the card title.

The connected images also become the cover for the card along with an accessory, and there is a limit to the size of attachments you can send. If your attachments are larger than 10MB, the card will not be developed from the e-mail.

Another cool function is that Trello will produce an e-mail address for each card. You can discover that e-mail address by clicking the Share icon within the card and copying the e-mail address under Email For This Card.

If you send out an e-mail to that address, the topic of the e-mail will end up being the title of a note and the body will end up being the body of the note. That note will appear under the Activity section within the card (Figure C).

Figure C

Adding notes to a Trello task card via email makes this even more efficient.

Adding notes to a card by means of email makes this a lot more effective. Conclusion That’s all there is to develop a Trello card from an email. This feature makes working with Trello much more effective. If you invest a good deal of time in and out of your Trello account, you can simplify that workflow with a simple e-mail client.

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