How to use Proton VPN (A Step-by-Step Guide)


Proton VPN is an open-source VPN that’s specifically designed for users who have privacy and security as their top priorities.

In this short article, we stroll you through how to set up and utilize Proton VPN. We likewise answer some frequently asked concerns about Proton VPN and its features.

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How to establish and use Proton VPN

1. Choosing a Proton VPN membership

Proton VPN provides three tiers: Proton Free, Proton VPN Plus and Proton Unlimited. Both VPN Plus and Unlimited are Proton’s paid VPN memberships and provide regular monthly, yearly and two-year plans.

Here’s a quick summary of the three Proton tiers:

  • Proton Free: Endless data with slower speeds; one gadget connection; servers from only 5 countries.
  • Proton VPN Plus: 3,000+ servers in 70+ countries; 10 synchronised device connections; fastest VPN speed.
  • Proton Unlimited: All VPN Plus features and access to Proton Mail Plus, Proton Drive Plus and Proton Calendar.

In our hands-on evaluation, Proton VPN got a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.

Screenshot of Proton VPN Plus plans. Figure A Proton VPN Plus strategies. Image: Luis Millares I discover the one-year $ 5.99 monthly prepare for Proton VPN Plus to be the best balance of functions and price. However if you’re already an avid user of Proton’s other services, getting one of the Proton Unlimited packages is a clever option. Screenshot of Proton VPN Unlimited plans.. Figure B Proton VPN Unlimited strategies. Image: Luis Millares For this demonstration, I selected Proton’s free version. With its absence of a data cap, Proton Free is one of my preferred totally free VPNs to use long-term. If you’re searching for other complimentary VPNs, read our rundown on the finest complimentary VPNs in 2024.

2. Downloading and establishing Proton VPN

To download Proton Free, I clicked on the Get Proton Free button discovered on Proton VPN’s rates page. From there, it asked me to create an account by supplying my email address and a new password.

Screenshot of Proton account creation. Figure C Proton account creation. Image: Luis Millares I like that Proton gives you the option to let them produce a randomized password for you. Just make certain that you copy it to a safe place, if you choose to do so. Screenshot of Auto-generated Proton VPN password. Figure D Auto-generated Proton VPN password. Image: Luis Millares From there, I was rerouted to Proton VPN’s download page, which housed their different installer declare their supported operating systems. Figure E Proton VPN downloads page. Image: Luis Millares Since I’m a Windows user, I downloaded the Windows file. Proton VPN supports Windows, macOS, Linux/GNU, Chromebook, iOS, Android and others. When downloaded, I ran the installer file and followed the required actions.

After going through the installation, the Proton VPN desktop app opened and requested my account information. Figure F Proton VPN initial login. Image: Luis Millares When logged in, I was caused the primary Proton VPN desktop app dashboard! Figure G Proton VPN main dashboard. Image: Luis Millares 3. Using Proton VPN Like a lot of VPN apps, Proton VPN has a prominent On/Off switch that instantly connects you to one of their servers. In Proton VPN’s case, it has a Quick Link button on the left side of their app(Figure H). Figure H Quick Connect button. Image: Luis Millares Clicking that button will immediately link you to the fastest server based on your place. Keep

in mind that Proton Free users will just get connected to a server in the Netherlands, Romania, Japan, Poland or the United States. In my case, clicking Quick Connect connected me to the Proton VPN server in Japan. Figure I Linked to Proton VPN Japan server. Image: Luis Millares At this moment, I am successfully linked to a safe and secure Proton VPN server. If you want to check if you’ve appropriately linked to one of Proton VPN’s servers, I suggest utilizing a public DNS leakage tool. These tools show you the existing IP address and place of your gadget. A proper connection by means of a VPN should reveal the IP address and place of the VPN server you picked. In this case, my IP address should show that I remain in Japan.

To check, I used However, there are other comparable tools online that can achieve the exact same function.

Screenshot of New IP address via Proton VPN. Figure J New IP address by means of Proton VPN. Image: and Luis Millares When I examined, it revealed that I had successfully connected to a VPN server located in Japan (Figure J).

Proton VPN FAQs

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Is Proton VPN complimentary?

Yes, Proton VPN has a free variation that’s totally free forever. Nevertheless, it does have restrictions compared to Proton VPN’s paid plans. While it uses endless bandwidth, it just allows for one VPN connection, compared to 10 synchronised gadget connections on the premium strategies.

In addition, totally free users just get access to servers in 5 countries: the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Poland and the United States. With the premium strategies, you get access to over 3,000 servers spread throughout 70+ nations.

And, Proton Free has a slower VPN speed compared to both Proton VPN premium strategies.

How many devices can I utilize Proton VPN?

Paid users of Proton VPN can have up to 10 simultaneous gadget connections. Meanwhile, Proton Free versions can just link one gadget at a time.

The number of servers and locations does Proton VPN provide?

As of March 2024, Proton VPN uses 3,428 servers in 71 countries. Remember that server network numbers typically change.

However, Proton VPN has consistently had around 3,000+ servers from around 65+ countries as of late, per our research study.

What os does Proton VPN assistance?

For the desktop side, Proton VPN supports Windows, macOS, Linux and Chromebook. It also has internet browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

For mobile, Proton VPN is offered on iOS, Android and Android television.

What if Proton VPN isn’t working appropriately?

If you experience any issues with Proton VPN, you can visit their Aid and support page, which has a healthy amount of support articles covering regularly asked questions and issues.

For more pressing matters, Proton VPN has an assistance email and a live-chat function that’s unique to paid users.

What we think about Proton VPN

In our complete evaluation, Proton VPN received a score of 4.0 stars out of 5. Its operations being based in privacy-friendly Switzerland was an emphasize in our analysis, as well as it being open source.

We also liked Proton VPN’s generous free version that features absolutely no bandwidth limitations– which is unusual compared to other complimentary VPN options.

If you wish to discover more, read our full review and analysis of Proton VPN here.


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