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OpenProject has a lot of features that directly help you manage your projects effectively. It likewise has a couple of features that help keep your group apprised of what’s going on. News is one such function.

A businessperson telling the news with a megaphone. Image: ronstik/Adobe Stock Your existing task management tool might be very good at keeping your groups on track for a timely implementation. From kanban boards, Gantt charts, timelines and calendars, most functions are quite obvious in how they keep things progressing.

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That exact same platform might also have other features that aren’t rather so obvious regarding how they assist keep everything effective. Although those extra platform benefits might not be so cut and dry as to how they alleviate the workflow a bit, they do have a purpose.

What is OpenProject News, and why should you utilize it?

With OpenProject, an open source project management option, there are a couple of such functions, among which is called News. This feature offers announcements, information, heads up, projections– any little bit of info that might be valuable to your group.

You might quickly have overlooked the feature. After all, why should you put in the time to publish a news product when there are more important things to take care of?

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Well, that news product might provide your group simply the motivation they need to get to the opposite of that sprint. Alternatively, maybe there’s an extremely essential statement about the job that requires to be shared throughout the group and other stakeholders.

Let’s state you want to publish a news item to inform your group that the due date for the project has actually been extended because the customer wants to include an extra feature to the software you’re developing. That news will be trigger for both celebration and disappointment. In either case, you require to let your team understand.

You could certainly send an email or reveal the news at a meeting, but why chance one of your staff member missing it? This is particularly important when you know every employee remains in and out of OpenProject throughout the workday: That’s why we’re going the News route.

If that sounds like something you want to integrate into your workflow, OpenProject is prepared for it. Let me reveal you how simple it is to post a news item for your group to consume.

What you’ll need to publish a News product with OpenProject

The only thing you’ll need for this is a legitimate OpenProject account. This can be either a self-hosted instance, such as when you release OpenProject with Docker, or it can be a paid, hosted plan. Either way, that’s all you need. Let’s produce all the news that’s fit to share.

How to post a News item with OpenProject

Log in to your OpenProject account. On the primary page, you need to see the News entry in the left navigation (Figure A).

Figure A

The OpenProject left sidebar is where you access most of the features. The OpenProject left sidebar is where you access the majority of the functions. Click News. On the resulting page(Figure B), you’ll likely be shown that there are no existing News products. Figure B Is no news really good news? Is no news truly excellent news? Click the Add A News Item choice. In the Include News window (Figure C ), offer the news item a title, summary and description.

Figure C

Adding a pre-built Macro to a News item. Including a pre-built Macro to a News item. You can likewise format the description, add code bits, tables, quotes and lists, and even take advantage of a few pre-built macros for its Table of Contents, Embed Work Plan Table and Hyperlinks to Child Pages.

To use the Macro feature, you must have currently created Work Pages or pages to link. Aside from that, adding a news item is rather straightforward.

As soon as you’ve produced your news item, click Produce to conserve the news, which will then appear in the News area of OpenProject, displaying the Title and Summary.

To read the body of the News product, staff member need to click the title to broaden it (Figure D).

Figure D

For each item you add, it will add another entry to the table of contents. For each item you add, it will add another entry to the table of contents.

A simple method to keep your team apprised Instead of sending out e-mails that can quickly be missed out on, inadvertently erased or captured in spam filters, your best ways of keeping your group apprised is to use the OpenProject News feature.

Do this regularly and ensure every member of the team understands to look for news daily. You might even think about including a News widget to the Control panel so every statement is constantly front and center.

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