How to utilize Scribble to bear in mind in iPadOS 16


iPadOS 16’s handwriting-recognition feature automatically converts Apple Pencil composing to text. Here’s how to keep in mind using Scribble.

Woman using an iPad on her desk. Image: Marek Levak/Pexels An Apple Pencil significantly broadens an iPad’s convenience and performance, particularly when iPadOS 16’s Scribble function is enabled. With Scribble active, you can handwrite text utilizing the Apple Pencil in any text field, and iPadOS will automatically transform the composing to basic text.

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If you’re like me and regularly use the Apple Pencil as a stylus and tip for communicating with the tablet, allowing and using Scribble saves time. By allowing you to react to messages and bear in mind with the Pencil, you’re conserved from needing to set the Pencil down, make it possible for or connect the keyboard, and begin typing.

How to verify Scribble is enabled on iPadOS 16

iPadOS 16 makes it possible for Scribble by default on compatible iPads. To validate Scribble is enabled, tap Settings, then tap Apple Pencil. Make sure the Scribble radio button, as shown in Figure A, is made it possible for.

Figure A

When an Apple Pencil is paired to an iPad on a compatible device, iPadOS enables Scribble by default. When an Apple Pencil is combined to an iPad on a suitable gadget, iPadOS makes it possible for Scribble by default. The following iPad models support using the Apple

  • Pencil 1st Generation and Scribble
  • : iPad mini (5th generation)iPad (sixth generation and later on)iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch iPad Pro 10.5-inch iPad Pro 12.9-inch(1st and second generation )The following iPad designs support utilizing

    • the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation and Scribble
    • : iPad mini (sixth generation)
    • iPad Air (4th generation and later on
    • )iPad Pro 11-inch (all generations)iPad Pro 12.9-inch(3rd generation and later)

    How to remember with Scribble on iPadOS 16

    To remember within a file, such as Pages, tap the document with the Apple Pencil, which will open the Scribble toolbar, as displayed in Figure B. Using these tools, you can switch Pencil operation from handwriting recognition to utilize as a marker, eraser or other supplied alternative.

    Figure B

    The Scribble Toolbar showcasing the different tool options, such as the pen, eraser, and text. The Scribble Toolbar permits making text changes

    and changing Apple Pencil operation back to pen

    or eraser mode. Must-read Apple coverage When using the Apple Pencil, tapping the ellipsis icon decreases the toolbar. When the toolbar is minimized, you can broaden it by tapping the lessened menu.

    To keep in mind in Pages, Notes (as displayed in Figure C) or other compatible programs, make sure the Markup button is set to off and the Handwriting tool is enabled within the Markup toolbar. Then, simply begin writing with the Apple Pencil within a text field. iPadOS will convert your handwriting to basic text as you go.

    Figure C

    Scribble permits handwriting text within the iPadOS Notes application, among other apps. Scribble allows handwriting text within the iPadOS Notes application, among other apps. Should you need to make modifications or corrections, you can use the Scribble toolbar, attach a Magic Keyboard or allow the iPad’s onscreen keyboard.

    Scribble deals additional benefits when taking notes on an iPad too. For instance, you can scratch out a word to delete it, and you can also position and hold the Apple Pencil at an area where you wish to place text– iPadOS will open the corresponding space. Drawing a circle around particular text to “lasso” it will allow moving that text by dragging the selection with the Pencil to the wanted place. Other functions include picking a word by double-tapping it, and choosing a paragraph by triple-tapping a word within the paragraph body.

    Ought to you require to disable Scribble, that step is simple too. Simply open the Apple Pencil option within the iPad’s settings and tap the Scribble radio button to disable the function.

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