How to utilize the Freeform app as a virtual whiteboard on your iPhone or iPad


Woman using whiteboard in a small team meeting. Image: Monkey Business/Adobe Stock You’re taking part in a virtual meeting utilizing your iPhone or iPad and require a white boards to show or aesthetically portray ideas. With iOS and iPadOS 16.2, Apple’s Freeform app

deserves attempting. With Freeform, you create a whiteboard by drawing on it, adding lines and other shapes, inserting text boxes, and importing photos and videos. When finished with your conference, you have the ability to share your white boards, save it as a PDF or print it. You can likewise develop and occupy multiple whiteboards for various projects and groups.

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What you’ll require to get the Freeform app

To get the Freeform app, make sure your device is running iOS/iPadOS 16.2 or greater.

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Go to Settings, select General and after that choose Software Update. You’ll be told that the OS depends on date or triggered to download and install the most recent upgrade. After the upgrade, you must then see the Freeform app on your home screen. If not, you can also download it from the App Store.

The app works the same on both iOS and iPadOS, so the actions here will apply no matter the gadget you’re using.

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How to use the Freeform app

Open the app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the icon on top to develop a board (Figure A).

Figure A

Draw on the whiteboard. Draw on the white boards. At the board creation screen, tap the very first icon at the top. That displays a scheme at the bottom with pen, pencil and other tools that you can use to mark up the screen. Select the tool you want to utilize, pick a color and then make use of the

screen (

Choose the tool you wish to use, select a color and then draw on the screen.Figure B). Figure B Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic The first tool on the scheme moves whatever you drew around the white boards. The next 3 tools draw at numerous degrees of thickness. The next tool produces and fills out a freeform item. The tool after that erases whatever area you pick The tool after that erases whatever area you select on the board.on the board(Figure C). Figure C Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic The last tool lets you choose This tool lets you select an area on the whiteboard to cut, copy, resize, duplicate or separate area on the whiteboard to cut, copy, resize, duplicate or separate it (Figure D). Figure D Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic Tap the 2nd icon on top to place a text box. Double tap in package and type on the keyboard to

get in text. Tap

Modify the font size.once on the text box to choose it, and you can change the background color, modify the font style size and attributes, replicate the box or delete it Add a shape.(Figure E).

Figure E Modify the font size. Tap the three-dot icon to trigger a menu from which you can cut, copy, duplicate, lock or delete package(Figure F

Add a shape.).

Figure F Add a shape. Tap the 3rd icon at the top and you can then add a line, arrow, shape or image based upon different classifications such as signs or activities(

Figure G

Add text.).

Figure G Add a shape. Tap the 4th icon at the top to include freeform

text that you can move around the Display the menu.screen.

Tap the text to change its color or typeface size, duplicate it or delete it (Figure H). Figure H Include text. Tap the three-dot icon to show the menu to cut, copy, replicate and carry out other actions on the text(Figure I). Figure I Show the menu. Tap the last icon on the top toolbar.

From the menu,

Add a photo, video or other can include an existing photo or video, shoot a brand-new image or video with

your device’s camera, scan a file or other printed item, place a link or insert a file from any online service through the Apple Files app(Figure J ). Figure J Add a picture, video or other products. Tap the portion number in the lower left to zoom in or out of the white boards by a particular portion.

You can also zoom to Zoom in or anything you have actually picked, zoom to fit the material and hide the grid on the white boards( Figure K). Figure K Undo any action on the whiteboard.Zoom in or out. After any action you take on the whiteboard

, tap the Undo icon in the upper left to undo it( Figure L). Figure L< img src= ""alt =" Undo any action on the whiteboard.

“width= “770 “height=”538″/ > Undo any action on the whiteboard. By default, your board is named Untitled as you produce it, but you’ll likely wish to give it a more detailed name. Tap the down arrow next to the word Untitled in the upper left. Select Rename to provide it a various name. From here, choose Duplicate to make a copy of

the board

Name your board.and Favorite to give it a favored classification(Figure M). Figure M Call your board. Select Find, and you can look for specific text strings in the board. Select Hide Grid to switch off the grid(Figure N). Figure N Image: Lance Whitney/TechRepublic Select Export as PDF if you’re done with the board and want to share or wait as a static PDF. Select Print to print the board (Figure O). Figure O Print the whiteboard. At any time, you can share the white boards. Tap the Apple Share icon in the upper right. Select the individual with whom you wish to share the board or choose a specific app with which to share it(Figure P). Figure P Share the whiteboard. You can also invite other people to collaborate on the white boards. Tap the Share icon and then tap the alternative for Only welcomed individuals can modify. You can then pick who can access the board– only invited people or anybody with the link.

Next, choose if other people can make changes to the board or only view it and whether they can invite others to access the board (Figure Q).

Figure Q

Collaborate on the whiteboard. Work together on the white boards. To produce a brand-new board, type the icon in the upper right.

You can then develop and conserve numerous boards for various conferences and jobs. At the main All Boards screen, you can see all the boards you’ve created. Tap the board you want to access and view (Figure R).

Figure R

Create a new board. Develop a brand-new board. Discover more tutorials for the iPhone and iPad here: How to utilize the latest Siri features and how to use Spotlight to search for files, images and more.


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