How to utilize Trello to manage remote team conferences


Jack Wallen shows you how you can extend the Trello task management tool to better deal with remote teams.

Modern minimalist office workspace with black mobile smartphone with Trello app launch screen with logo on white background Image: wavemovies/Adobe Stock I’ve utilized Trello as my task management tool of choice for some time. The most significant factor for this is the kanban boards are a few of the best in business. Although the majority of organizations use remote groups now, it’s not always easy to manage those groups when they are across the globe. Anything you can do to make that task easier should be a welcome modification. SEE: Hiring package: Job manager (TechRepublic Premium)Must-read designer coverage

It needs to come as not a surprise that Trello has a way to help you with your remote groups. That assistance comes by method of a Remote Team Hub design template. This template works as a one-stop buy team resources, FAQs, and

a means for anybody to see what’s

being done and who’s doing it. This template permits you to produce cards for things like OKRs, jobs and group activities. You can connect to boards, documents and even chat channels. You’ll find default cards for things like Weekly Getaway or OOO, Working Hours, Team Resources and more. Consider this design template a kanban board created specifically for remote teams. It’s easy to install and utilize. Let’s get it set up and see how it works. What you’ll need The only thing you’ll require for this is a valid Trello account. This can be either a free or paid account, as the template is offered to both. That’s it. How to install the design template Lot into your Trello account and open a board to work with. From there, click the Templates drop-down found in the top toolbar (Figure A ). Figure A

Accessing the Templates market from a board view. From the drop-down, click Check out Design templates. In the left navigation, you’ll see a category for Remote Work. Click that and you ought to then see the Remote Group Center template. Click that entry and then click Usage Design template(Figure B). Figure B Setting Up the Remote Group Hug extension in Trello. A new pop-up will appear(Figure C), where you name your board that will be developed from the extension and select the work space. Figure C

Configuring the Remote Group Center extension.

When you’re completed configuring, click Produce and the board will be added to the work area, where you can begin dealing with it(Figure D ). Figure D The Remote Group Center design template has been included. Your remote teams now have a


board to go to that will make their job a bit simpler. They’ll be better notified and current along with able to stay afloat as your task continues to move forward. Poke around and see what the designers have made with the cards for this board and you’ll see simply how well this user friendly template can assist with task management that involves remote teams. Sign up for TechRepublic’s How To Make Tech Work on YouTube for all the most recent tech guidance for service pros from Jack Wallen. Source

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