How to view and manage Wi-Fi data use on Android


Discover how to figure out which apps demolish Wi-Fi data on your Android gadgets.

Google Android figure on grey background. Google Android is the operating system for smartphones, tablet computers, e-books, game consoles, and other devices. Image: prima91/Stock Adobe We are growing ever more connected to our mobile phones– a lot so that numerous users have actually shunned the desktop. To that end, we’re using information by the GB, so it’s nice to be able to see just how much data you are utilizing at a look and control what’s using the data.

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How to view mobile information usage

If you want to examine cellular data on your Android gadget, open Settings, choose Connections and tap Information Use.

From that page, you can tap Mobile Data Usage and view the specifics of what apps and services are using your information (Figure A).

Figure A

If you want to check cellular data on your Android device, open Settings, select Connections and tap Data Usage.  Image: Megan Crouse/TechRepublic Take a look at a device that uses cellular information– that’s most mobile devices– and tap Mobile Data Usage to see a quick graph of data usage. Scroll down to see what apps are

using the

Scroll down to see what apps are using the bulk of that data.bulk of that information( Figure B). Figure B Image: Megan Crouse/TechRepublic You can tap any one of those apps and tailor how the

app utilizes information (Figure C). For instance, you can allow and disable Background Data, Unrestricted Data Usage, Wi-Fi and/or Data Usage. Figure C Image: Megan Crouse/TechRepublic So far we only took a look at

cellular network information use, though you can likewise see Wi-Fi data usage and after that set up apps to act accordingly. The way you view Wi-Fi data use will depend

upon which variation of Android you are utilizing. Considering that most of Android users are working with Android 6.0 or more recent, I’ll concentrate on that model of the platform and later variations. How to view Wi-Fi data usage Scroll down on the Data use tab to see

Wi-Fi data use

. Figure D Image: Megan Crouse/TechRepublic You can see your Wi-Fi data use in the very same method as cellular usage. Figure E Image: Megan Crouse/TechRepublic Now you’re able to see and manage Wi-Fi information use on your Android gadget. Understanding just how much data you are using on a

cordless network, and how to reduce data-hogging apps, might go a long way to keeping your service network free from traffic jams and other issues. For more on Android, see our cheat sheet for Android 13, Android’s current availability options for tough of hearing and blind users, and our

guide to transitioning from iPhone to Android. Source

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