IBM’s mainframe os upgrade will accept AI


IBM said this week it will soon present an AI-infused, hybrid-cloud oriented variation of its z/OS mainframe operating system.Expected in the third quarter, z/OS 3.1 will support technologies planned to allow implementation of AI workloads co-located with z/OS applications, IBM said in a client sneak peek letter. The new OS will work best with the most recent variation of the Big Iron, the z16, however it will support z14 models and above, IBM says.The z16 consists of an AI accelerator developed onto its core Telum processor that can do 300 billion deep-learning inferences each day with one millisecond latency and includes what IBM calls a quantum-safe system to secure companies from expected quantum-based security threats.When it was presented IBM said the z16 would open a whole new set of AI possibilities that couldn’t be considered previously. Now it promises the new variation of z/OS will further deliver on that plan by: Supporting a new AI Structure for system operations planned to augment z/OS with intelligence that optimizes IT processes, streamlines management, improves efficiency, and minimizes ability requirements. Extending the AI environment by enabling AI

co-located with z/OS applications, designed for low-latency response times. Controlling the system with AI-powered work management that wisely predicts upcoming workloads and respond by allocating a suitable

  • variety of batch runs, hence getting rid of manual fine-tuning and trial-and-error approaches. Supporting AI applications is a core component of the z16 technique, but the upcoming operating system also features cloud capabilities
  • , IBM states. “z/OS 3.1 intends to embrace aspects of cloud-native management of z/OS based on market standards and access to constant
  • and contemporary browser-based user interfaces, making it possible for users to efficiently update and configure z/OS and associated software,”IBM stated.” With improved management infrastructure and self-service access to jobs, z/OS 3.1 strategies to continue streamlining and automating the management

    of the os to assist the next generation of system programmers,” IBM mentioned. With that in mind, IBM stated z/OS 3.1 will consist of: A brand-new z/OS callable service

    , Cloud Data Gain access to, to enable access to data in cloud item shops and to include cloud object information into z/OS workloads. A set of contemporary APIs with a C-based interface, developed to simplify the application effort required to access NoSQL VSAMDB data sets on z/OS.

    IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX)to enhance efficiency and security while running containerized Linux work and to support NFS, HTTPS, and IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition. Devoted real memory pools to improve the behavior of applications that have a high memory requirement. An extension of the z/OS Authorized Code Scanner to provide higher coverage of prospective vulnerabilities. Improved COBOL-Java support that will let 31-bit COBOL call 64-bit Java programs using the IBM Semeru Runtime Qualified Edition for z/OS. Copyright © 2023 IDG Communications, Inc. Source

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